Every year, my friends at Allianz Travel Insurance conduct a survey of the most popular destinations for Americans to visit in the summer months.

The way that Allianz calculates these destinations is by reviewing customers’ trips planned from May 28 to Sept 3, 2018 — and each trip is between 5 and 8 days long.

As you can see in more detail via the graph below, the most popular places for this summer domestically are Orlando,  NYC and Las Vegas — all of which are not surprising.  The bottom few in the top 10 are Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and San Francisco.

For international destinations, the top 3 are Cancun, Higuey, Dominican Republic and Montego Bay, Jamaica.  I am assuming that many people will visit these destinations via cruise ship (like Carnival), as they are hotspots among cruise lines.   The bottom 3 destinations in the top 10 are San Juan, Puerto Rico (surprising, considering the recent trauma that just hit the island), Paris, France and Turks & Caicos.  I’ve been dying to go to T&C for a long, long time — so maybe I will finally make it out this summer!

Below is the complete list of the top 10 international destinations for American travelers this summer.

Paris and London are the only two destinations outside of the Americans, and they are (of course) the two most popular destinations in Europe.  No surprises there.

I’m happy to see islands in the southern Caribbean included in this list, such as Aruba, because they are the most stunning places to visit in the region (in my humble opinion).  For next year, I’d like to see Colombia make the list (another amazing country that is becoming quite popular for Americans to visit these days).

In regards to Mexico, there are travel warnings all over the places for Americans to be careful going (and especially after another family was just found killed while on vacation) — but places like Cancun, where I’ve been twice, are much safer than other regions.

As for my personal recommendations for places to visit in summer, 2018 — I would say Japan, Tajikistan and Prague — all are fascinating places that will be in peak season from May – September.

*Methodology: The data of U.S. travelers’ 2018 summer travel plans was gathered by analyzing the number of travelers that went through the online booking process of airfare and package paths for partners offering Allianz Global Assistance travel to generate itineraries for roundtrip flights departing from US airports during 5/28/2018 – 9/3/2018 for trips between 5-8 days in length.

Disclaimer: I am a partner with Allianz and receive financial compensation from them.  That being said, this post was written by me and all opinions are mine.

Drew Binsky

A graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Drew Binsky has visited 190+ Countries since 2012.He first caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Prague, then taught English in Korea, and now he's on a mission to visit every country on earth.Follow his journey on YouTube & Instagram @drewbinsky 🙂

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72 thoughts on “Best Places to Visit in Summer 2018

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  4. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for loving us through your words….challenging us, encouraging and filing us with God’s love by sacrificing your time to serve your readers. I absolutely cherish you and have been following you for years. Thank you for blessing me AND my family. YOU are precious! Waiting for my children to wake up, so I can serve and love on them

  5. Hi, I Like your article,its amazing feeling when you don’t know that what you will do on your travel . when you see mountain snow lush greenery than you think now i have achieved the whole world.

  6. Hey Drew,
    Awesome list but I m very surprised that you didn’t include the Maldives on it!!!! I think even it’s one of the dead drop gorgeous places to be explored in summer!!!!

  7. Heya Drew
    I m very surprised that they haven’t included India on this!!!
    If you will ever visit India so don’t forget to explore Darjeeling for sure….People don’t call it “Queen of Hills” for no reason.

  8. Hey Drew,
    Awesome list but I m very surprised that you didn’t include Mauritius on it!!!! I think even it’s one of the dead drop gorgeous places to be explored in summer!!!!

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  10. Heya,
    Although, summers are over. But I will consider them for the next summers for sure.
    I have a small request to you is to share a detailed article on destinations for winter.

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  12. Not surprised to see London & Paris dominating the list in terms of European cities. However, there are MANY cities I would recommend over these two during the European summer:

    Berlin, Copenhagen, Krakow and Stockholm are all better and less “touristy”.

  13. Namaste Drew,
    Oh I love the content. You have really traveled so many places and explored many unique things. But ! Have you been to Nepal yet ? Nepal can be the best places to visit in Summer. Nepal has so many things to offer for all the travel seekers, being the safest, cheapest and best place to be. Travel Nepal and let the world know what Nepal has to offer.

    Love from Nepal,

  14. I would like to recommend Bulgaria in Eastern Europe as a travel destination. This is a destination for the people with a taste to explore little-known places, with a passion for ancient history and the mystical rituals of one of the oldest nations in Europe, with a love to the amazing natural beauties and interest to the cultural and gourmet tradition of Bulgaria.

  15. Hi drew nice article your articles are fascinating. I’m from India and planning to travel Central Europe in may 2019 , which includes London, Paris and Switzerland. What are your opinions. Plz reply

  16. Thanks for the information, Good blog. I like the way you writte. Waiting for your recommanditions for 2019. Maybe Barcelona should be a good trip?


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  18. Nice Blog. I just read articles to know more about the places to explore as I provide the Tour, Travels and rental services, your blog help me to know about the more new places to add it in my list.

  19. Nepal is one of those countries that though devoid of enormous beaches is blanketed with the cover of mountains. And visiting Nepal could be on your top list as post the devastating earthquake. It captivated the minds of millions of people across the globe. Nepal has regained its essence to warmly welcome the tourist. Even though the hotels, the trekking companies, and restaurants are seeking money from tourists, travel to Nepal would not require a second thought.

  20. What a great post! I love your blog in general, but I think this is my favorite post. I tend to look for the most romantic places to visit (since I blog about romance & travel) but it’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone and find new ways to have adventures I might not normally try. You’ve given me some good ideas for planning my next trip. Thank you!

  21. You should definitely add Spain to the list and perhaps get in touch with Barcelona Private Experiences as they specialise in designing a tailor-made itinerary depending on your tastes.
    Other than that, really enjoy your posts.
    Thank you!

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