As you might imagine, working as a full-time blogger and social media guru is a TON of work.  I’m talking about 50+ hours a week minimum.

So at this point, I’d like to call myself an expert at blogging and social media after putting in thousands of hours (literally) into my travel blog and building my social media networks.

In this section, I will share with you the several articles I’ve written which gives you exclusive advice for the things I’ve picked up through this entire process.  My hope is that you can reach your goals more efficiently by using my tips!

Just so you guys know, I usually charge $200/hour for social media consulting, but I am providing you with all of this advice FOR FREE! Enjoy 🙂

Blogging Advice

1. The Reality of Being a Full-Time Travel Blogger
2. How I Can Afford to Travel
3. How to Make a Post Go Viral

Social Media Advice

1. How I Got 10K Followers in <7 Months (most popular)
2. How I Got 35K Followers in the Last 4 Months
3. What’s the Real ROI of Social Media?
4. 7 Twitter Tips from a Guy Who Has 650K+ Followers
5. Snapchat 101: Marketing Yourself for Bloggers & Businesses
6. Why You Need to Get on Snapchat Right Now

Is there anything else in specific you’d like me write about? Contact me and let me know!