I spent 3 weeks in Brazil during my 3-month trip around South America in 2016, and I knew my trip wouldn’t be complete until I played a round of golf!

I actually went to Brazil to attend the Summer Olympics games in Rio, where I witnessed golf being played for the first time in 100+ years at the olympics games.  I was sitting in the grandstands on the 18th green on the final day, when Justin Rose sunk a birdie to beat Henrik Stenson and take the gold medal!

Here I was on the 18th hole!


After the Olympic Games, I went down south to a lovely beach island called Florianópolis.  Let me tell you that this place was heaven.  With million dollar mansions and superb ocean views, it felt more like a rich American suburb than a Brazilian town.

I did some research to find the only golf course on the island — Costão Country Club.

The course was not cheap.  It cost me about $80 for 18 holes and a caddie (no cart) — but it turned out to be worth every penny (keep in mind that Brazil is already an expensive country).  The course is actually 9 holes, but you play them twice with different tee boxes to make 18.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.


I was paired up with 3 rich Brazil guys in their 60s, who have their weekly tee-off groups, and it was a great experience!  One of the guys spoke great English, so I was able to communicate during the round and we shared lots of stories.  They even took me out for a beer after the round.

The course was in phenomenal shape.  I was most impressed by the nature surroundings the course: sand dunes and mountains with Atlantic forests surrounding the fairways and in the distance.  On a few of the holes, you could get a glimpse of the sea, but every hole had luscious greenery that went on for miles.


The course wasn’t as easy at it appeared to be from first glance… There are scattered ponds that will snipe you when least expected, and the sand was tough and hard to hit out of.   It also didn’t help that it’s almost always windy in Florianópolis, given it’s geographical location, and there were a lot of out-of-bounds markers.

All in all, I had a great time playing Costão Golf Club and I would absolutely return for another visit if I find myself in the area again!

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