During my 4 week trip around the South Caribbean, I spent 2 days in Grenada and didn’t have too many plans… other than to play a round of golf!

So as I normally do whenever I enter a new country, I google “golf courses in Grenada” to see what comes up.  It turned out that there was only one course on the island — Grenada Golf & Country Club — and it was located about 10 minutes from my hotel.  Hell yes!

I took a local bus to a village near the course, then walked up a giant hill with an amazing ocean view until I stumbled across the golf course.  I didn’t really have an idea of what to expect, but I went in with an open mind and ready to break the course record!

When I arrived at the clubhouse, some guy with dreadlocks approached me and told me that he’d be my caddie for the day.  I agreed.  I guess it’s pretty normal to get a caddie anytime you play a round in the Caribbean or South America.   The price for the round was $50 for 18 holes, with clubs, and a caddie (tip not included).

I asked my caddie if he was a golfer himself, and he claimed to be 5 handicap (about what I am) — so I told him that we can have a nice match.  We bet 2 beers on the game, for the lowest overall score for 18.  There was nobody on the course, so we were able to play at our own pace.  And it was awesome!

The course was in pretty decent shape — very green, wide fairways, and not-too-much danger.  As long as you kept the ball within 20 yards of the fairways, you were in good shape.

Despite being a 9 hole course, they change the tee-boxes around so you can re-play the 9 holes to make the course 18.    Although not the most challenging, Grenada Country Club is still suitable option with beautiful views and reasonable rates for visitors hoping to get in a round of golf during their stay on the island. I was pretty impressed by the ocean views that you can see from some of the tee boxes!

Just like this view, opposite the 2nd tee box.  Stunning!


I wouldn’t recommend traveling to Grenada to play this course, but if you ever find yourself on the island, then it’s definitely worth your time to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  You’ll thank me later!

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