I just completed a 14 day trip around Persia with G Adventures, and much to my surprise, Iran is not (at all) what I thought it’d be like!  Contrary to popular belief, Iran is extremely safe, with the most friendly people I’ve ever met who went out of their way to make sure I was safe and having a good time.  I have no incentive to lie to you about this — it is just the 100% truth.

Before I dive in any further, please take 2 minutes to watch this video — which currently has 4+ million views as I write this:

Is IRAN Safe? (Realizations from 14 Days in Iran)

IS IRAN SAFE TO VISIT?! 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷I just finished 2 weeks traveling all over this fascinating country with G Adventures, and let’s just say that IRAN IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!!

Unfortunately, the media makes Iran look extremely evil, when in reality, it is absoultey safe to visit, and the locals here are the most humble, honest and hospitable people that I’ve met in all of my travels. I am not joking!!

Over the next 14 days, I will be launching daily videos as they happened over the past 2 weeks of my life in this beautiful country. I will be digging deep into the ancient history, trying all of the best dishes, meeting eye to eye with locals and observing their unique lifestyle as I take you behind the scenes of this special nation.

Out of all 14 videos that you are about to see in my Iran series, this one has the strongest message — which is why I am sharing it first.

I truly hope you enjoy watching my raw perspectives around Iran, and I encourage you (as always) to comment below with any questions and and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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P.S. I apologize for the 2 week delay in sharing any videos — Truth be told, I decided to take a break from making videos so I could fully enjoy and appreciate this eye-opening trip to Iran. I haven’t gone more than 2 days without sharing a video over the last YEAR, so it was hard for me, but it was a nice detox. I’ve been so anxious to roll out these videos and I hope you find them valuable 🙂

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When we (Americans) think about Iran, we tend to only think of negative things such as terrorism.  But what about the 80 million innocent locals who live across this fascinating country? And all the history the land contains?  This is Iran at its core – hospitality and history – and I’m excited to give you a glimpse of what I just experienced.

This trip was the second that I have taken with G Adventures (the first was to Tajikistan & Uzbekistan last year) — and all I can say is positive things about my experience with G.  The schedule on our Iran trip was a perfect mixture of sightseeing and free time, while we moved around to Iran’s most historical cities.  Looking back, I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend 14 days in Persia (for a detailed look at our day-to-day itinerary, click this link).  Our group had 12 members, representing 9 different countries from Mexico to New Zealand to to the U.S. to Germany, and our guide, Amin, was a really cool dude who knows everything about Persia and Persian history.  Amin has turned into one of my good friends!

Here is a photo of our group, followed by a photo of Amin and I!

Soon after I arrived in Iran, I learned that the wifi situation is extremely slow, and therefore, I would be unable to upload daily videos like I usually do.   While I was originally frustrated, it ended up being a good thing – I was able to stress less and fully enjoy my time in Iran.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my top 5 favorite things about Iran, and whenever necessary, I will embed a video that is related to what I am talking about.  If you want to see all 14 videos that I made in Iran, please do so on my Facebook and/or YouTube pages.

5 Favorite Things About Iran

1. The People

No matter how many Instagram posts and videos I make about the friendliness of the people, it still won’t do justice by how over the top they truly are!  If you take away anything from this blog post, please let it be that Persians are the most hospitable, kind and humble people that I’ve met in all my travels to 139 countries.

I interacted with as many locals as I could, and not once on any occasion was I disrespected or even looked at funny.  I even told people that I was both American and Jewish, and it made them even more interested to get to know me.  I was invited (dozens of times) into peoples’ houses for a cup of tea and even offered a bed to sleep in.  One time in Isfahan, I walked into a hardware store in the evening and the owner wouldn’t let me leave because he wanted to talk to me all night and he kept feeding me tea!  I made many good friends while in Iran, and I can’t wait to go back and visit them all someday soon.

Here is a video I made all about the kindness of Iranian people:

The World’s FRIENDLIEST People! (IRAN)

Out of all my travels in 137 countries, it is right here, in Iran, where I have found the most hospitable and friendly people. Complete strangers coming up to me on the street, from big cities to small towns, offering me a cup of tea in their shop or a bed to sleep in their home.

I’m convinced that I could come to Iran with $0 in my pocket and easily be able to make friends, find delicious meals and be welcomed in a comfortable home like family. Seriously, it’s almost like they force you into their homes (in a good way!)

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve told dozens of Persians that I am both American and Jewish, and contrary to what you may think, it makes them like me even more, peaking their interest and asking more questions. I have not felt a minuscule of negative hostility yet from anyone in this country.

Also, as I have now published 10 videos about Iran so far — it really makes me laugh when I read some of the comments and hear people calling my videos “propaganda.” These videos are the farthest thing away from propaganda!!! They are telling you the downright truth from my experiences in the country. Nobody told me to make this video (or any video). I made this because I feel the need to share what I am seeing to you. And I hope that by watching this video (and my others about Iran) — that you will remove your negative stereotypes about this humble nation and realize that it’s one of the safest and best places to visit on our planet.

If you have ever been to Iran, and you agree with what I am saying, then please share your thoughts or a quick moment/story from your experience with the people here. I want the entire world to know!!!

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*Note* My trip to Iran was from May 26-June 9, but due to limited WiFi there, I decided to delay my videos until trip ended — which you are seeing in chronological order. Hope you enjoy!

Posted by Drew Binsky on Monday, June 18, 2018


2. The Historical Sites

Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations.  Human activity in this country dates back 40,000 years — and evidence of these ancient humans can be found in select places in Iran.  My favorite historical sites were Persepolis and the Rayan citadel.  Persepolis was the former capital of the great Persian empire, which was ordered by Darius the Great is 515 BC.   The site today, which is partly in ruins and patly in tact, is organized by about a dozen columns with extremely detailed inscriptions on the stone. The Rayan citadel is another built-up city from the same time frame, but it’s more compact and set alongside a beautiful mountain range.   It was abandoned soon after it was built, but the buildings are still remarkable to witness.  Both Persepolis and the Rayan Citadel are 2 of 22 UNESCO sites in Iran!

Here’s a video I made about Persepolis:

PERSEPOLIS: The Forgotten Wonder of the World?

You know how some places just WOW you? That’s what’s happening to me right now, at Persepolis in Iran.

Persepolis is the name of the former capital of the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire. Archaeologists and historians believe that this city began being built in 518 BC – or 2,530 years ago.

Today, as you wander around Persepolis, you can see incredible stone columns and walls with extremely detailed inscriptions, giving us insight for how these humans used to live their lives. The most impressive thing to me is that nothing in Perseoilis is restored — it’s all in its original form. I cannot imagine how much more polished this city looked back in its heyday!

After spending all day exploring Persepolis and being so stunned that my jaw is dropped to the ground, I cannot understant why it’s not considered in any of the ‘7 wonder of the world’ lists. I have been to all 7 wonders on each list, and Persepolis would easily be in my top 3!!!!

Have you ever heard of Persepolis? Are you as fascinated as I am by this place?

Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos, and come say hi on Insta @drewbinsky 🙂

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*Note* My trip to Iran was from May 26-June 9, but due to limited WiFi there, I decided to delay my videos until trip ended — which you are now watching in chronological order as they happened. Hope you enjoy!

Posted by Drew Binsky on Friday, June 15, 2018


3. The Persian Gardens

When one thinks of Persia, he/she probably doesn’t think of gardens (after all, Iran is made up of 2/3rds desert!)  But somehow, thousands of years ago, the people of ancient Persia were able to figure out how to get water to create the most beautifully organized gardens.  The gardens of Iran are so spectacular that UNESCO recognized them as a world heritage site, as 9 of them are are scattered all around the country.  We visited 3 gardens, and my favorite was the one in Kerman.  I loved the central water canals, giant fountain, and towering wind tower overlooking the greenest trees and purple flowers!

4. The Society

Being in Iran is like entering a time warp back to the 1970s or 80s (not that I was alive in those decades, but from what I know, this is how the world looked like).  The models of cars on the road today don’t resemble anything modern (except for maybe a few neighborhoods in Tehran), there are NO international brands or chains anywhere to be seen except for Coca-Cola (no McDonald’s, Starbucks, Uber, Marriott, etc), and the wifi speeds will remind you of AOL dial up in the 1990s (yes, I do remember that!).

But that all being said, it is somewhat of a refresher to be immersed in such a society, which is opposite to most countries that are overrun by tourists (like where I am right now in Bangkok).  There are no scams in Iran.  Life is as real and genuine as it gets.

5. The Food

Ah, last but not least — the food!  Who doesn’t travel for food?  Iranian cuisine will not leave you disappointed.  The cuisine is based on a combination of rice, meat, vegetables and nuts.  Common herbs include saffron, cinnamon and parsley, and fruits include plum, pomegranate, apricots and raisins.   Most of the meat takes form of a ‘kebab’ which is minced beef/lamb/chicken served on a plate alongside fresh vegetables like tomato, cucumber, olives, onion and lettuce.  If you like nuts, then you are in for a treat because most dishes have them and Iran is actually the world’s largest producer of pistachio nuts!   And Lastly, the watermelon juice is so fresh and you should give it a try.

As you can see, I have developed a deep love for Iran and I am already planning my next trip back soon 🙂 If you have any questions on Iran or my experience with G Adventures, please comment them below or email me and I’ll get back to you!  Lastly, don’t forget to book your trip on this link!

Disclosure: I was invited on this trip by G Adventures, and received financial compensation from them for the execution of videos and social media content. As always, this post was written by me and is honest from my own personal experiences.

Drew Binsky

A graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Drew Binsky has visited 190+ Countries since 2012.He first caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Prague, then taught English in Korea, and now he's on a mission to visit every country on earth.Follow his journey on YouTube & Instagram @drewbinsky 🙂

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449 thoughts on “Iran is NOT What You Think!!


  2. hi i am iranian and i love iran execpt its goverment need to tell you if you wanted to travel to tabriz we would love to help many iranians invite foreigners for free including us so if you wanted to have a trip to tabriz in iran i can help just contact my email
    [email protected]
    i would love to help and okay (not free at least not free when dollar is 20 times our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) BUT I WOULD LOVE TO HELP AND I AM SURE MANY OTHERS DO

  3. hi! im iranian. im a girl.
    iran is perfect!
    And I suggest you to visit this country for once.
    I can boldly say that Iran is amazing. The only thing that bothers its people is its corrupt government. All Iranians know this. And that I do not know why people in other countries think we are terrorists.
    But this is not true and it is a lie.
    On the contrary, we ourselves are afraid of terrorists. Why should we be terrorists ??
    And I want to tell you about theft and security in Iran.
    Contrary to what you think, Iran is safe. The rate of rape and theft is lower than in many countries.
    But Iran has found a new problem. The economic problems in Iran have become serious and everyone knows where this problem comes from. I can not say because it causes me trouble. And the next thing I want to say is our religion and hijab.
    We say “Islamic hijab”
    It is clear from its name that it belongs to the religion of Islam. The Quran states that women must wear their clothes for their own safety. Not only women but also men should wear appropriate clothes. It is said that men should not appear in public in tight and short clothes.
    But my impression is that not so strict. We can be free. Like all people in the world.
    The most beautiful things in Iran are history, culture and people.
    As you can see in the photos taken by Mr. Drew, Iran is really beautiful!
    The history of Iran is also very interesting. There have been many famous scientists in Iran since ancient times. Like Ibn Sina. And the people of Iran! wow! they are really hospitable and kind. If you travel to our country, they will welcome you and invite you to their home.
    In short, Iran is very different from what you think. You will not realize this until you travel to this country yourself. And I suggest you come to Iran and we will be very happy.
    I also really thank Mr. Drew for sharing his experiences in his trip to our country. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  4. Maybe Iran is not so bad for a tourist to visit for a week but for living it’s a terrible place.Sure people are hospitable to you guys and kind but did you know that same nice people would probably kill you if you slept with their daughter?
    Iranians are some piece of shit Muslims with a set of cruel beliefs.If you where to live with them you wouldn’t last a month before killing yourself.
    And that picture you posted,If police sees you like that(women not covering their hair and wearing pants or skirt) they will arrest you.A woman can’t wear normal clothes in public in Iran.It’s illegal for a woman in Iran to dress as they dress in America.

  5. This article was great!
    I am an Iranian and I can boldly say that Iran is not what you think it is!
    What you hear from Iran is not true!
    Maybe our government is bad, but Iran has very good people!
    And those who say ‌‌ “We hate Iran because the hijab is a force” This is not true! I have seen many times that people dress as they like and make excuses! Iran is one of the oldest countries and I love it!
    If the government is not very fair, but I love this country!
    I really enjoyed the text and you were absolutely right! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Hello everyone. I’m an Iranian 18 year’s old man and I have seen and felt every problems in my country. insofar as I decided to emigration as a 18 years old Iranian young.just because of dark life we are living in because of government,leader or Extremist Islamists.Believe me that Iran has two sides: 1-first one is it’s dictator government. That’s terrible,unfair and against humanity.2- the second one is Irans culture,people, arts and shiny history. But unfortunately most of the world’s people just see the first side of our country. We believe that government is ruining our country. But I believe that our culture will be victorious. We solved Changiz Khan within our culture. They can’t stay forever in our country. Oppression is not permanent✌🏼. (We are friends with everyone)🖤 sorry about grammar problems because it’s not my mother tongue.

  7. Iran is a human rights nightmare and is just awful:


    Instagram star Sahar Tabar says she is still hoping for a pardon after conviction for corrupting young people

    Fri 11 Dec 2020 13.33 EST

    An Iranian woman who posted heavily distorted images of herself online has been sentenced to 10 years in jail, her lawyer has said, a year after she was arrested over her social media activities.

    Sahar Tabar, 19, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, came to prominence after posting images of herself with a gaunt, zombie-like face. At one point she had 486,000 followers on Instagram.

    She was charged with corruption of young people and disrespect for the Islamic Republic. In spring she pleaded for release from detention, saying she had contracted Covid-19.

    At one point Tabar called on the actor Angelina Jolie, whom she resembled in some of her photos, to campaign for her release, saying: “The Islamic Republic has a history of tormenting women. We need to be united against this gender apartheid.”

    The charges against Tabar first included blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption. She said she had been cleared of two of the four charges against her, but did not want to comment further because she was still hoping for a pardon.

    Iranian state TV broadcast her confession in late October last year. Her expressions of remorse drew a great deal of sympathy. The report described Tabar as “a victim with an abnormal personality and mental state” who sought “vulgarity” on social media.

    Medical records also suggested that she had a mental illness, with a history of visits to psychiatric hospitals, making the 10-year sentence even less explicable. Her lawyers had asked for her to be bailed, and pointed to her age at the time she committed the alleged offences.

  8. Iran is not what you think!

    Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a history of more than 7,000 years and a rich culture

    The speed of progress of science in Iran is extraordinary. Iranian scientists and researchers are trying to make up for past delays.
    Unfortunately, some governments, including the United States and Israel, fear Iran’s progress and boycott us. Even drug bans !!! These sanctions are not humane …

  9. The pepole of my country were supposed to lead goverments to be run by the pepole but now a stolen leader is the owner of our country….

  10. I love love love this!

    My partner Ciaran and I actually sold everything to travel full time just before covid hit. (bad timing or what) We specifically go to places as often as possible that others find intimidating to try show the real side of the people and the place.
    This was a super inspiring post about Iran. Thank you so much for sharing the love!

  11. Oh my god😍thank you so much for that kindness you had in your sentence we hope that corona virus goes away as soon as possible to see you again in iran🥰

  12. Ok let’s be honest I’m Iranian and I’m 13 year ok boy and i know shouldn’t be here but anyways. Iran is a good country but was much better 40 years ago i mean or whole family hate Iran anyone i know hates Iran and some of the people here say threw I’d you don’t like the country just leave it but its not ready as it is in other country’s for just an example a game like nfs heat is 60 dollars but it’s like 15 times more expensive in Iran and that goes to other stuff too. Only a person threw has lived in Iran for years will know how Iran actually is. Why can’t a women be just s normal woman cuz of the stupid rules we have kik hijab and others. And internet blocked things for example YouTube is filtered in Iran you can’t watch YouTube in Iran without a VPN. Isn’t that just stupid. And do you know why’s they think hijab needs to exist cuz they think men shouldn’t see women’s hair i mean it doesn’t make sense to me even schools have really bad systems and school suck at Iran so yeah in one word Iran sucks.

      1. Trust me, just to be able to access a kinda free internet and write such thing in an unknown website we go through a lot of trouble getting around the censorship. If you see that in a country a 13 years old boy says such things about his country you should already know that something is terribly wrong with that nation. Just about 1 and half years ago I was In military service that government forces every boy in the country in their golden age to do. During that period people started protesting against the sudden raise in petrol price. That time many many people were shot in the street and many others went to jail and later got executed for almost nothing. What should I tell you about this country? A week ago Roohollah Zam got executed. he was a journalist and his crime was telling the ground truth about the country and the government. So please don’t tell me that just because a 13 year old boy has access to internet this is a good country (Unless that was a joke by you) imagine one day you wake up and government has blocked 90 percent of websites, no one has the right to say anything against the government (at least in public, everyone can say anything in their private) or they will be executed, when you wake up and you see price of the tomato is doubled and you can not feed your family, you see that people are sad inside and angry all the time, you see that government is forcing you to cry half the year for some dead animals 1400 years ago. then think again and say if that is a good country. Good luck

    1. You are very clever bro.:)))
      Actually,Our problem is because of sanctions that America’s government and that rules has logical reasons.If you read the islam’s book named Quran,You’ll know the reason.

  13. Hello my friend I am a 34-year-old man named Meysam from a village in the city of Kavar. I love all the people of the world and I am happy to receive all the people of the world, regardless of my beliefs, in my house and to have tea together and to be my guest for lunch or dinner. The world is not worth doing bad. Let’s be friends. I wrote this text using Google Translate. I apologize if there is a mistake in the text.

  14. Wonderful pictures and blog as well. I love your story about Iran. I’m looking forward to visiting this country soon. I never did expect this would be Iran because of how the media portrays it. I have been inspired by so many great travel stories including yours of course. just wanted to say a quick thank you for giving Iran a chance.

    1. Iran is a good place, I am an Iranian. But there are people in political power, most of whom are thieves and liars. The Iranian people are not terrorists, but Mr. Seyyed Ali Khamenei is stupid. This gentleman is a liar. This gentleman A cow donkey Now that I am with you, I want to say a thousand and one bad words about this, death to Khamenei. 1500 protesters killed in 3 days

  15. i am an irani i love my country from the bottom of my heart the only problem is that usa is just a bit** the tackle any country that gets in their way and our leaders are bs too thats just the problem

  16. I visited Iran in 2017 and I had the same experience. People are very friendly and welcoming, wherever you go. The historic sites and all the beautiful mosques are absolutely breathtaking. The landscape is diverse, from mountains to deserts.
    I loved it and I would like to return one day.

  17. We’re proud of you and all other peace seekers in the world. We really look up to diligent people like you who are trying to be a rainbow in other’s cloudy sky. Actually, I’m glad you had enjoyed your time in Iran. I hope that our nations can clear the air any day now.
    Stay safe dude.

  18. Hey
    People in Iran speak the Persian language. The linguistic diversity of Iran is rather diverse according to a fractionalization scale which for Iran is 0.7462. The followers of Islam are the religious majority in the country. 69.1% of Iran’s population live in cities. This percentage comprises the urban population of Iran.

  19. You could travel to the most majestic visual places on earth, but it’s the people that always make it special which is where all that delicious food comes from too!!
    Iran is definitely on my list when the dust settles.

  20. I leave in Iran and we do have something like uber! It’s similar to uber. And the internet coast depends on the company that we bye our house wifi from .My internet connection is really good.

  21. Well the thing that is bad abour iran is only the bad president of them the ppl are Amazing their food is facinating and wow thanks for supportnig Iran bc im an Iranian:)

    1. Dear Drew Binsky
      I really glad that u enjoyed being in Iran🙂
      I think that as much as ur people dont know my people..my people do the same
      Hope it change😁

  22. Hello,
    A great country, full of history and impressive culture. Politics and the interests created by religion are worth it.

    A greeting.

  23. Hello Guys.

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    Also for flight booking you can visit our website IranFlights.net
    Good Luck

  24. Lovely post. People need to be educated.
    In reality, every place you visit is unique and you cannot experience it via internet. When you visit, you get informed.

      1. Im a Iranian girl.
        You are true but about girls & women it is not difficult guys.
        Just you nid a scarf that in Iran women wear a kind of easy scarf name (shal) just this and you can wear what ever you want…

  25. Iran is a safe country. It’s true that it’s a little difficult for our women, but as you can see, we can go out alone at 3 in the morning. It’s amazing here, and it’s enough that we people are comfortable together. Only a few people think that this hijab is coercion and too bad .. If they will be in another countries they can’t be in this such simple behavior , maybe one man will come in street and while he meet one girl , easly he will touch her “even that girl is not comfortable”
    Iran .. Is too strong and fun with strange things to keep us busy
    I will study , then i will be busy with my work .. I will make my family , i can have many fun travels and ..
    U know what’s really good? We all , actually i mean we all Persians can control our country cuz we are all together. Im in a good mood:)
    If u don’t like here , maybe u don’t deserve these such kindness and happiness, these such safely country

  26. I am an Iranian girl who write to you from miles away ! you are absolutely right about Iran and the Iranian , we , the Iranian , don’t have any special problem such terrorism or things , honestly it’s just the dilemmas and fights between media and governments , I don’t know why governments are indicating that there are many troubles in American or European society or in Iranian society ? They’re just doing fucking like this because of their fucking benefits and power ! but if the American or European people travel to Iran they definitely will see that there is nothing wrong with our people . I honestly really enjoyed your blog . Hope you enjoy more and more travels , LOVE & PEACE
    AIDA NEMATI > my Instagram account @aida.nti

        1. Yeah I’ve been there too. Their people are just so nice and warm 🙂
          I don’t why there’s so much rumores about them.

    1. You’re just making excuses😒 and ya know it!
      Every country has their own problems.
      Run. You don’t deserve freedom.

    2. Iran is a great country with kind and hospitable people … Yashar, you are from the West and you do not know what is happening in other countries such as Canada and the United States where I have lived and I envy living in Iran .
      Iran is very safe and a nation that does not rely on any country and still maintains its power is, in my opinion, the best country in the world.

  27. If you are an Iran lover, Iran is calling you
    If you are interested in different tourism attractions, Iran with the following features is the best tourist destination for you. Iran the friendliest country on earth, a jewel in Islam’s crown and combining glorious Islamic-Persian architecture with a very warm-hearted welcome.

  28. جہاد سا زندگی”
    i am Pakistani nd visit January 2020. i found IRAN is good country with mostly living good peoples. IRAN do made his country +,

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  30. At first i should say thanks drew and it’s kind of you that you think Iran is a good country. But It’s time for truth. Iranian people are so much hospitable and the believe that guest is a gift from god. Just travel to Iran and you will see thousands of citizens respecting you. Iranian’s worship their guests and any tourist is a guest to Iran. But in the second hand, we are good captives under dirty hands of a bad government. We try our best to be good but imagine that you have a beautiful horse in somewhere and you don’t feed him for a week. it will turn to bones and skin with a savage behavior. Yes Iranians are nervous and maybe sometimes angry but it has a reason. Iran is a very cheap country to visit. you can buy whatever you want with a really love price and you can have large discounts.And in the end telling the truth Iranians are good people. We do respect tourists and we love everyone from all over the world. The only problem is the dictator who is ruling in Iran. So if you want to travel to Iran it’s a perfect touristic country and no it’s not old fashioned at all. But if your looking to live in Iran or start a job in it. it’s a terrible country.
    with love to everyone
    An Iranian citizen

  31. The people of Iran are very kind and hospitable. They play a leading role in hospitality in the world. I think it is because hospitality is one of the greatest commandments of the true religion of Islam.and Iranians are the true believers of the true Islam.Iran is the only country in the world which its people are Shia Muslims.Shia muslims are the most good people in the world but most of the people in the middle east are sunni Muslims.
    the muslims shia or sunni are all good.All I’m trying to say is that Iranians are something else.
    I say this because I have traveled to Iran many times.

  32. My mother’s family originates in Ireland but mom herself was born in iran. Though I was born in Portland oregan, mom took me to visit her home city, Tehran, where she has a pent house overlooking the castle of the late king, who was her dear friend. Since she was a cardiac surgeon in iran, she worked a lot and I was taken around town a lot by her boyfriend. It was amazing. When mom would get home, even past midnight, she and I and her boyfriend would go for long walks in the middle of Tehran without any fears of being mugged or killed. It was even interesting to see people awake at the middle of the night alongside us, dining, talking, or just relaxing. People would sleep on their roofs on hot summer nights and enjoy the stars. In the mornings, mom would take me to get freshly cooked bread at the bakery, made in huge brick ovens. When people saw her in her beloved 1976 2002 turbo BMW or her equally beloved 1974 7 speed triumph stag, she always got people waving “hello doctor Davani!” it was just a wonderful friendly world. I knew it wasn’t my home since she always told me, “this is mommys home and we’ll go back to our home in California soon” but with how laid back life was, it was home to me. One of my favorite thing was the outdoor concerts.

    1. yeah but I’m trying to show people to know we – the Iranians are not like our leader or …
      we should know all people of world are GOOD

  33. A greeting from Iran to all
    Thank you for this beautiful blog.:))
    Iranians love all the people of the world.
    They have a lot of respect for the guest.
    I invite all the people of the world, especially the Americans, to travel to Iran, this land of four seasons and mysteries.
    Iranians will sincerely love you and surprise you.
    I think these days, every wise person knows how far what the media is saying is far from the truth.
    I hope you travel to Iran and see the reality with your own eyes and don’t judge too soon.
    I wish good health to all the people of this planet.

    1. Iran has its worse parts too. Im indian not american btw. Anyway I remember the govt arresting a bunch of people for… dancing to a song.

      1. Have u ever been in iran? No…..so Please don’t believe anything you hear until you see it with your own eyes.l also heard a lot bad things about india but I never believed that, I tried to find an Indian friend and ask him my questions, That’s also not enough until I see India with my own eyes.

      2. I heard indian many years ago killd indian muslim kids women an men and we are pakistanian now.they running from india to be alive…but idont care..im iranian and muslim and i love india..but i dont know why do you think you are better than us??why bro??whatever..

    2. I’m Iranian and I think it’s really bad …
      Everyone want to leave this country
      I don’t like hijab 😭😭
      Why shouldn’t I dance or be in street without hijab

      1. Everyone has his/her own opinion.
        So pleas don’t say ‘everyone’
        Yes I’m agree that wearing hijab is sometimes hard and bad, and about leaving country, if you really want this, I’ll wish your dream come true^^

      2. Why shouldn’t I dance or be in street without hijab?
        I THINK i can answer u
        Everyone is accountable to society
        and hijab Ensures the health of the community
        If every man has a beautiful and fragrant wife at home & don’t sexism look at women outside the home…How many things do not happen!
        a woman with hijab says to every one: look at me as a mankind ! not a woman!

  34. Drew for the nice article about this beautiful country. I have to say it wasn´t on our travel list at first, but I have been inspired by so many great travel stories including yours of course!

    1. Yes come 🙂
      And I must say Iran’s internet speed is just because of the sanctions or the main reason that Iran doesnt have starbucks or mcdonalds or brands is just cuz of sanctions and even the cars because of the sanctions are really expensive …! Unfortunately !

  35. Wow! Thank you, Drew, for this amazing knowledge. I reading first-time about this beautiful country. after reading the article, I feel that I should come here once in my life

  36. It was a beautiful itinerary. Thanks to its author. I read friends’ posts. They were great but not enough. I briefly describe the situation in Iran. Everything is about God. The Iranian people are theists. And they are also Muslims. Because the state before the revolution was a secular state and had no religious concern. The Iranian people rose up and overthrew the Shah. People liked that their country was ruled by Islamic law. So the Islamic government was elected by the people. But 5% were not religious, so they could not tolerate this new government, so start a political and armed struggle with the Iranian government. representatives . The prime minister, the president, the commander Han, and many people killed and killed seventeen thousand people. The United States and all the countries of the world stood against the government and government chosen by Iran. Iraq invaded Iran and all countries aided Iraq and sanctioned Iran so the religious people stood by the government and the non-religious helped the opposition. Most Iranian immigrants to the United States are non-religious. Those on this blog wrote about the Iranian government. Being non-religious, I love both our government and the people who oppress and justice the world. We do not like governments that do not like the government elected by most Iranians. Iran means the love of humanity, the love of freedom and justice in the world. And hatred of terrorist governments in the US, Israel, Britain, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. That these countries are against the freedom and justice of other peoples of the world. America only thinks of itself and its belly. It wants to support governments that want to be American slaves and to lie to their people about Iran

    1. Iranians government are biggest liar in the universe. All governments lie sometimes but it is for the benefit of their people, but Iranians gov lie only for their own place of power and the damn money.
      I am an iranian and i can honestly tell you that they are not even human. Because humans do care about even dogs but people like : rouhani and Khamenei they don’t care about people because in order to do that you have to be a human first and they don’t qualify.
      Being Muslim doesn’t make you human that’s for sure. Being human make you a best creation of all.
      Even you guys know that you cannot buy redemption with money but mullahs in iran think they can!!!!
      Final word:
      As a Iranian i say this to all the people of the world:
      Never trust a single word of Iranian government says. Because they all have something in common and that is money and money only.
      But iranian people are very nice. It’s just mullahs are more than corrupted.

      1. Excuse me girl!!
        I live in the same country as you do!!
        Don’t drag Mr. Khamenei into your bull** when you don’t even know him. If you did, you wouldn’t be judging so easily. Have you even heard ONE of his speeches?? Ofcourse not! 🙂
        You’re busy making excuese for your sad life.

    2. interesting!
      Actually Iran is great.
      Don’t trust to other sentences…I am a Iranian and i say you Iran has many beauties,many historical places and friendly people.

  37. I love Iran. It is a society having resoluteness, steadfastness, and are resilient. May Allah help them to overcome present calamity Ameen

    1. Very beautiful country with so many good people, I wish there were no sanctions on Iran. Wish to visit Iran some day. Love from india ❤️

  38. hi iranian people are thife . if they find out you don’t know about money of taxi or coffee shop or … they take mony more and more as they can of you i am iranian and every body in this country wish one day run from iran to any where so iran isnt a good country to have fun

    1. Hi
      I’m Iranian and so happy that you think like this^^
      I know that my country is very different from Europe or USA, so it’s a little strange
      And I’m so glad you came to Iran.
      At last, Iran is safe: Hurry, we love tourists=)

  39. thanks for the article 🙂
    while reading comments i thought i need to say something :
    10–15% of executions in Iran are for rape.
    i was nearlt getting raped myself but still that’s bc of not being able to contorl the lower body right !?
    and it happens in the whole world … so don’t say “oh they rape” like it doesn’t happen in your country ♥
    thx for reading

  40. As ur comments are upside down(newer are upper) i decided to write as i hope someone(chosen by god) will see it:

    Im a religious man from iran
    i repeated such of this comment in my past too!

    i start with one of its big parts
    First – when you said u were jew and american and they acted hospitality
    i should say nor our gov and people dont have problem with nor american people and jews
    its American politices and zions(who live in palestine at cost of lives of palestinies)
    who are we opposite to them..

    Second – iran and its people are great we all are like all in other countries like america with differ ideologies -republician/democrats etc – so if you see in this comment section or in social media’s that some so called iranian say pro or against gov comments dont trigger to some of massive whole bring idea’s about us! like we are regime oppositions and our gov is dictator, or something else and u should know well media’s in these situation act like oil_on_fire !so dont be sheeple & as I AS AN IRANIAN RESPECT YOUR BELIEVE YOU DO SAME thats not a hard wish, be mankind

    “.. we have within our society differ lifestyles, differ stories alike your society”

    Third (this is for reader of this comment)- never ever please call our gen. Qasem suleimani and our leaders Terrorist just watch what your countrymen say about him! They say before assasination in our media we introduce him as a key figure in fight against isis but see now!

    my last word:
    I always in my conversations ith americans reach to this point
    asked them
    your gov bombarded two city of japan with ATOMIC BOMBS and killed many
    they all said same answer
    there was a common answer i ever got:
    ‘This war neccecery to end the war and stop losing of american soldier lives’

    If a so called iranian said somethin’ in contra with what is written there ’bout iran and our general.
    I Dont Mind that if You Doubt in his/her patriot feeling.

    I tried to be as logic as i can
    two plus two is Four!

    My site isnt ready yet
    i am a programmer
    in my midst of 20 years old

    1. Iran has its worse parts too. Im indian not american btw. Anyway I remember the govt arresting a bunch of people for… dancing to a song.

      1. Don’t talk abt Iran having worse parts. India has it way worse. Ok, the Iranian govt arrested people for dancing to a song. Your fucking govt of India with extremist Hindus is killing muslim Indians just cz they’re Muslim. These Muslims are not even doing anything & you beat them, harass them, rape then, & kill them. Don’t talk shit abt Iran when your India is way worse. Your govt strips away muslim Indians citizenships just cz they’re muslim even when their ancestry was always in India. Your govt is not treating Muslims in hospitals for COVID19 & is blaming them for bringing a virus there when it’s not even their fault. You bash someone’s head just cz they walk into a mosque. Your so-called ‘Bollywood’ always promotes Indo-Pak war movies to always make Pakistan & Muslims look bad & copies shit off of everyone else in the world, NEVER GIVING credits & copyrights to the originals. But yet you get mad as fuck when a European/American DJ makes a better remake to Jay Sean’s “Ride It” song & even obtains the license & copyrights from Jay Sean himself to do so. Don’t talk abt Iran’s govt & people when yours is way worse to its own citizens & even outside foreigners. You go to other countries for travel & treat their citizens & other tourists like shit, as if you think you own the place.

  41. Thanks a lot for changing this negative perspectives about iran
    I hope other people can visit our country too, we will try to be the best hosts
    You’re so welcome to our country <3

  42. Thank you for trying to change the way people think about us. Maybe we are too many things. But the Iranian people are never terrorists

  43. Hi there! I’m a 38-year-old Iranian. I really enjoyed reading this article and think Drew put as much honesty in it as he could. Actually he was quite realistic and wrote absolutely professionally.
    I truly wish our beautiful Iran were more open to all travel enthusiasts so that we Iranians would be better able to offer our peace-seeking spirits to any visitor and in return could learn more in terms of tolerance on a world-class level.
    As I grow older I come to appreciate more and more the natural beauty that lies everywhere around me in this spectacular land. Our ancestors chose to settle down in this part of the planet for a reason! Rich vast plots of land, magnificent mountain ranges, sea coasts in the north and south, varied climates offering all four seasons with their distinctive features, historic places and a wealth of unique Persian foods etc.
    Let’s add to this list the poetic nature of Iran’s literature-loving people. We are a whimsical nation too. I suppose it’s part of being poetically charged!
    One thing is for sure: almost all foreigners who visit Iran and spend a week or two here can’t help confessing that what they experienced was far different from what they had been told about the real Iran. And I mean in a good way!

    We all know that bad things may happen anywhere and apart from the systemic difficulties which again may exist anywhere and even be reinforced by this or that rule or tradition, Iran is a very safe place to visit.
    A very rewarding trip awaits you and you will return home a traveler with a host of memories of smiling faces and of hugging friends.
    Long live all cultures and and all peace-seekers.

    1. hey dude. you know Iran is somehow boring because of internet speed but it may be the only disadvantage you can meet in Iran. people in Iran are not terrorists and we believe in peace. we never do anything disrespectful to tourists who travel to our country and we love them. you can’t judge the book by it’s cover and believe me that you will love Iran if you travel there. there is no raping or robbing because those are big taboos in Iranian culture. at the end let me to tell please don’t ruin others idea about Iran with you wrong information and experience and see the country before using bad language about it.

  44. If you wanna travel in time you can travel to Iran it’s totally old-fashioned country and you can remember 20th or19th century. The internet speed is low cars are old-fashioned and if you are lucky you will be raped or injured by thieves

    1. Hey shut up!are you from Iran? No no I don’t think what do you know about Iran? I think you dont know any thing about Iran that writed this text about Iran . Iran never is this like and your self are thieves ok? don’t be silly

    2. No matter what you say!
      There are authentic international organizations that do not confirm your lies.
      We have one of the best life in the world…
      We are happy even without you all…
      We all are proud of IRI.
      No matter what you say!

  45. Thanks for your kindness towards this loving country.
    I’d like to invite you to my hometown in Iran Yasuj city the capital of nature. 🙂

  46. Drew for the nice article about this beautiful country. I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Tehran myself and even though I had no prejudice about Iran it still have surprised me by its charm and kindness of its people.

  47. Hello! Im iranian and just want to say you are always welcome. Whether you vlog or not, please come again, to other provinces of iran. All of them are really historical and beautiful. I believe one day our innocence and culture will shout.🇮🇷❤

    For fun: did you know persians was the first nation who invent trouser?😁

  48. Hi . My name is Iran Rajaei . I’m proud that my name is iran , it means brave, noble and free. Iran is not war, racist, dirty, bad and violent. Iran has been under attacked by foreign governments all along. We declared neutrality in World War I and World War II, but killed about 10 million. Iran is really oppressed. The news isn’t always right. The history of Iran is very beautiful and interesting. We are all human, not monsters. We are really kind and lovely. Hitler and the Nazis were bad Are all Germans bad? Please think.

    We don’t hate anyone. We love all the people of the world. Life is not worth the controversy. Not everyone is perfect. The God of Christ, the God of Moses, the God of Muhammad is the God of us all.

      1. I am iranian and i love my country and islam
        I m not think about what people of american say about iran
        Because if person from american come to iran change his or her opinion
        If you can try it

  49. Hi Drew,
    Thanks for sharing the good memories of Iran.
    To add a point, Iran is a multicultural country with different ethnicities. Not all people are persian. Personally, Im An Azeri, so the phrases of Persian culture, persian food, etc. Are not correct.

  50. hi. i am iranian . we dont have any problem with no body in the world!. we lovw all of country and all of people. please think and search about history of iran. we are not terorism.we love you.

    you can come in iran .and see and Belief my speach..

  51. Hi
    Thank u dude for these nice sayings and I really apperciate u tryin to remove those bad stereotypes By the way we will be glad if u use Iran instead of Persia because Iran refers to all tribes and people(we have so many tribes here)
    We will be glad if u visit other parts of our country too.

  52. I am a girl who live in iran now.I am glad you had wonderful experience in Iran but you are just a tourist . You never have lived in Iran for a long time . you must be a woman and live here for a long time and then you will see that the people are not good az you think. You do n’t know that girl here put in jail because of not wearing scarf. Still 70 percent of men here support the goverment because they really beilive in this regim . You can’t live here normaly if you aren’t shie muslim. You will be killed if you want to be have your own belief or relegion . You aren’t sociologist . you are just a ordinary people who don’t think deeply. People here are good with foreginers. People here are’t really good and kind as you have described. men here are allowed to have many women men here can married with four women at the same time. That is terrible and savagery.

    1. Are u an Iranian??????
      Have u ever been abroad???
      Do u think 70 percent of men support this regime?
      People dont have any problem with other religons.
      Or about having 4 wifes, its culturally bowlsheet and not acceptable.
      Plz dont creat wrong storyotypes.

    2. What the hell ? Do you know what does “jail” exactly mean ? No one goes to jail for badhejabi. And who the hell in iran has more than one wife ? Even if he has he can’t tell anyone because that’s not normal and acceptable. 70 percent support the regime ???? Are you even Iranian Lili 😐 !?
      “you can’t live here if you are not shia” what the f*** are you saying right there ? We have Sunni mosques in Iran and Christians and Zoroastrians have never been persecuted in this country. We are the ones who liberared Jews of Babylon. This is not Russia or Germany ffs. You can’t even be arrested if you don’t believe in god . Unless you try to convince others via media or internet officially. And get your English fixed. Yes we don’t have a healthy society. But it’s not because of our culture. It’s mostly because of wrong policies and historical betrayals.

      1. Your thinking is so bad and iranian People are not Like Some thing that you say and they are too kind
        I wish you know iranian people better!

    3. Iam Iranian and a woman too and bad men are everywhere… in America in Italy and in here…i wish you knew the iranian people better /:

    1. I really dont think anyone on this planet is Jealous of Iran! Most definitely not us in the USA!! That’s forsure & Iran a superpower!? 🤣 your crazy & Delusional obviously 🤪 ya crazy! I do hope your people the best & that’s not meant to be funny!

  53. Iran is a country with 2600 years of civilization.
    First Human Rights Law (Human Rights Charter – Louvre Museum).
    Iranians are very clever and patriotic.
    It never shows good fortune to America, the colonialist countries.
    The involvement of other countries in the Middle East and oil resources is very disturbing for the residents of these countries.
    Iran is magnificent and beautiful.
    He has a very lovely and loving people.
    The United States is jealous of Iran’s multi-year civilization because it has no civilization.
    American statesmen fear that Iran is a superpower.
    Because Iran does not agree with them.
    No bullying.
    Iranians respect all the nations of the world and treat them with love.

    1. Nobody on this planet is Jealous of Iran …with that said I’m sure the people of Iran are great! But the government is dangerous & in my Opinion all governments are dangerous & they dont care about the people of their country!! Governments only care about themselves bottom line!! But I’m glad & thankful I live in a place with a government that is still 💩 but I dont have to worry about being locked up or worst if I Express myself in person or on the internet about what I have to say about my government !!

      1. Yehhh Anthony, all governments are dangerous
        But plz remeber who pay the cost of your freedom in USA???
        Maybe people in middle east.
        Its a complex concept

  54. The middle class people of Iran are wonderful. To bad the government is so bad, even to it’s own people. You will be much happier when you do not mix religion and politics. It is up to the people to vote out the Khamenei. Good luck finding a government who respects human rights for everyone. Never be RULED by a cleric, it’s the only way you will be free, to find justice?

    1. Iran is very great
      Im can’t speaking english
      Iam iranian
      Iran is great poeple is kind and celever
      We are love in poeple america

  55. You’re a zealous person. They will demoralize you, break your spirits. Create such rifts & tensions in your society that no one will be able to repair them. Oh, you’re a savage, despairing plant, and we will come here to live.
    Great reading this article.
    These are some packages of Leh Ladakh destination of India

    Leh Ladakh Kargil Tour Packages

  56. im a iranian… we are not terrorists… we are kind people and i like all people.. plz come to my country we have very beautiful culture

    1. I dont think so! I dont want to spend the next 10yrs in Iran!! To many foreign people getting A cused of spying and all sorts of other bullshit!

      1. Firstly, Iranian government is not a good one, true. But they r not stupid. Information systems in Iran r soooo intelligent, if u come as a visitor, journalist or …. and actually u r a spy, they will figure out.
        Secondly, we dont have any interest to host people who dont like coming to Iran.
        So, plz dont come to Iran😊

      2. You do not deserve Iran and have no regrets about it I am Iranian and I am satisfied with everything because we do not have a government to kill another country commander Yes I am happy here and this is a dangerous US government

    2. I’m Iranian too …. you have to come to my country to experience a culture a ruins a wonderful history and….😎
      Yes Iknow you have listened something else about my country but that things is because of political reasons. Our regime is not very good but it’s not good reason to say peoples are not good too.
      And a something else that I have to say we are not Arab I don’t why most of the peoples think Iranian are arab😐

  57. Glorious Supreme Dear Divine Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seems to be falling out of favor when protesters in Iran call for him to resign. Many of Khamenei’s prophecies have not come to pass including wiping Israel off the earth. There’s another Iranian General on the hit list. Iranians might actually rejoice when this General is gone. Because it’s no fun having a combat boot on your neck.

    1. Excuse me..Let me ask you… have you been to Iran? I’m an Indonesian and I have been to Iran, I’m 14 y.o It is now one of my favorite countries out of all the countries I’ve travelled and been to. What people said about Iran is totally iradical, it’s not true. I’ve met the people, live, eat, drink, sleep, and so many more in Iran. Now, if I may ask you… how would you react if we say bad, and totally disrespect your or other religion, how would you react, and how would you feel? I am born in a country with one of the huge population of Muslims in my country, we all have different beliefs. Maybe next time, try think before you act? You’re small little action has offended millions and hundreds of people in this world, you know that? How many hearts have you broken? You know nothing, apparently. So this time, really think before you act, and never judge a book by its cover, thank you.

      1. Excuse me..Let me ask you… have you been to Iran? I’m an Indonesian and I have been to Iran, I’m 14 y.o It is now one of my favorite countries out of all the countries I’ve travelled and been to. What people said about Iran is totally iradical, it’s not true. I’ve met the people, live, eat, drink, sleep, and so many more in Iran. Now, if I may ask you… how would you react if we say bad, and totally disrespect your or other religion, how would you react, and how would you feel? I am born in a country with one of the huge population of Muslims in my country, we all have different beliefs. Maybe next time, try think before you act? You’re small little action has offended millions and hundreds of people in this world, you know that? How many hearts have you broken? You know nothing, apparently. So this time, really think before you act, and never judge a book by its cover, thank you.

        1. You’re a zealous people. They will demoralize you, break your spirits. Create such rifts & tensions in your society that no one will be able to repair them. Oh, you’re a savage, despairing plant, and we will come here to live. You friendless, demoralized flotsam will fall without even a single shot being fired. You demand-insist-on knowing every private thought and hunger of everyone. Your families, your neighbors, everyone-but yourself.


  58. What is wrong with you muzzies in I-f’n-ran? Blowing up an aircraft in midair?! You people, your religion and so-called leaders are terrorists. Fuk Mohammed and Alla fukn Akbar to you. Iran, worst country on earth.

    1. I don’t know if you’re aware or not but United States shot a Iranian passenger airplane out of the air back in 1982. So were the Americans terrorists back then

    2. Wow! Tough talk from some rancid, illiterate, gutless coward that uses anonymity to try to insult millions and millions of people. You are a gutless coward, next time have at least a tiny bit of spine and courage and use your real name, like I am doing. Get an education, perhaps that way you will stop being some bottom feeding piece of trash.

  59. Bill Thaxton was an ex-ranger..One of the bravest by far..It’s said that old Bill was the fastest man ever..To pin on a ranger’s star..Stories about him were legends
    Bill was the best of the bold..Bad men all feared him way back in his day
    But he was now growing old

    Into Bill’s town rode an outlaw..He wore his gun low and tied down..He reined in his horse and announced to the crowd..”If you speak to me call me Sundown”
    His clothes were all dark and fancy..And topped by a black leather vest
    Somebody asked how he came by his name..And if he was one of the best.

    The eyes of the tall stranger narrowed..He grinned like the devil possessed
    “I never fight till the sun’s going down..And my back is facing the West”


  60. I deeply apologize for the horrid perspective targeted to Iran. After WW3 got billions of video views in the United States, people have been worried than Iran is a greatly powerful country. The United States is spending over $700 billion on our military in 2020, the most on our planet. Another $90 billion will be spent on Veterans. That is 64% of our taxes. We are not taught this in school. We are the terrorists. We destroy and create fear ourselves. I’m sorry most Americans are unhealthy. And I’m sorry that Generation Z is growing up to believe that hate must thrive for the world to continue spinning. I hope the best for all. #stopstereotypes #enddiscrimination

    1. You’re not the one to apologize, and you’re the first person to call Trump a terrorist. BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT’S A FACT

    2. Thanks for your honest, u have a big heart.
      But actually, its true.
      USA wants to control every region and say big lies to persued American people for its messy activities in the world.

    1. Please do not wish hate towards anyone. This world is our world and we must preserve it. All love to all people.

    2. Wow! Tough talk from some rancid, illiterate, gutless coward that uses anonymity to incite genocide. You are a gutless coward, next time have at least a tiny bit of spine and courage and use your real name, like I am doing. Get an education, perhaps that way you will stop being some bottom feeding piece of trash.

  61. When did President Trump say anything bad about the Iranian people? The answer is never! You had better get your facts straight before posting! He said bad things about the Iranian weak-assed, shit-talking pussies who call themselves “soldiers,” (what a joke!), and weak-assed, pussy, government , so-called “leaders,” who the U.S. could easily wipe off the face of the earth! But the Iranian government keep pretending like they can stand up against the only superpower in the world! Iran is like a small child compared to us! What a joke! They will find out soon what we are capable of if they aren’t careful!

    1. He posted this very long ago. Every place in this world has beauty. If there is a peak of happiness anywhere then it is worth keeping. We do not need generalizations to represent an entire country. Iranian people is not a non-identifiable group: they are too unique.

    1. I’m from New Zealand and always wanted to visit your country. I’ve heard that people from Iran are super friendly towards foreign people. The food too is amazing. With all this political rubbish going on. I’m just even more interested in visiting..

      1. I wouldn’t go to Iran, when I was there I heard one Italian women tourist been raped in the city of kermansheh and another French tourist was robed in the city of Shiraz, and the other German young tourist was beaten up to death in the north of Iran, also today I have heard another tourist had been lashed 80 times because he had a drink in the city of Tabas, its a real dangerous place to go, some people from I ran get upset when you tell the these things, but these are facts and happening in Iran, they hate other nations especially westerns, DONT go to Iran.

  62. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed our country ☺we are intrested in hosting you in Iran but regretfully Iran doesnt have good view in the world 😔
    Plz come here to see our historical and naturall places we will be happy😍😍

  63. Never been to Iran but the people I’ve met from Iran are gracious warm humorous people. Also very intelligent. Hope I can visit there one day.

  64. Hi, I am glad I am not the only one who was really impressed about this country Iran. I would like to share my experience about my trip from Bandar Abbas to Bazargan with my personal car with UAE Dubai license plate. I was comming from UAE to Romania my country. It was a 4800km trip. The Iran part was the best and I can’ t wait to drive again there. The trip was like 3 days and 2 nights. The first night was in City of Yazd. I want to say I am really impressed about everything in this country I like it so much and the people are so nice and very friendly also police they escorted me to the hospital because I cannot finde a Pharmacy. I was meet a Iranian family on highway where they own a little restaurant. I was really impressed and this ppl are wery friendly and is a safe country I recommand to all travelers to go there and to see how nice amd friendly arethis country and the most very very cheap. I am really impressed and I am ready to give any advice for ppl who want to travel and drive there. Against all propaganda on tv all over the world Iran is tottaly diffrent is a nice and safe country and ppl are amazing. I was travel allmost all over Europe but I cannot finde in any country friendly people like in Iran. To all Iranians you need to be proud about your country.

  65. Besides our crazy politicians, my Iran is one of the most underrated countries ever…

    You may see a crowd of angry protesters on TV but you should meet all of those well educated, open minded, smart and caring young people who dream of building a glorious Iran.
    You may have heard of restricted women rights but Iran is full of strong, fearless, independent women who FIGHT for their absolute rights.
    You may have been told Iran is awful but… What about persian literature, history, music, dancing, festivals and celebrations, authors and artists and…
    You are welcome to visit a country that the people have created. A world free of politics… That’s the side of Iran we’re proud of. The hidden side you will never see on TV, the side tourists admire (like these five items of this article are related to the culture and people) and the side that makes us defend Iran (even those iranians who live abroad).

    Please if you want to know about Iran, ask the PEOPLE and ignore the politicians.

  66. you know beacuse of these events that have happened until now, people around the world think we are just like those cruel arabs or as wild as SISI. but actually we are not some thing unique or even that much bad
    we are just humans with different cultures and different behaviors and religions.

    1. alex, I’m a native persian boy, and strongly beleive that we should reverence all world’s people, such as Arabs and ISIS people, such as the Great Syrus respected all people group’s culturs and enfranchised them. Its the way we should learn. The Great Syrus is who that has respected as a dignified even in Quran and Torah. I liked your nice great viewpoint and assessment and kodus it as compatriot. Thanks a lot

    1. How is Christianity tolerated in Iran? I see stories of authorities arresting Christians for holding underground church services? Your country looks very nice. Great video from Drew.

      1. Forget about what you have seen in your “unbiased” and “free” Media.
        You can simply google “churches in Iran”

        Anyway, if you want to visit one church, I would suggest Vank Cathedral in Esfahan.

      2. People of Iran have never persecuted a religious minority. Go and search. Omg what the hell do they tell you !

  67. I read many comments and i get that many American don’t hate us and that is in our country too. We love American.
    Even our govermant doesn’t have any problem with American ppl.
    Our leader has told that many times that American ppl are good ppl and we have problem with their govermant … why? Becouse thay have problem with us and many other countries.
    Let me say Iranian love American and I hope u love us too! ♡

    1. I am sorry about what happened recently. Americans are not having the same perspective. I am worried about Tehran and your beautiful UNESCO sites. As an American, I have already spread the message of love to show that Iranians cannot be generalized as hateful due to the horrid acts of only part of the government. Much love from Los Angeles, California <3

    1. Oh, it’s really wrong that we have nothing to do with governments. We love the people of the whole world. The Iranian people also want peace.

    1. I’m Iranian,
      We don’t wanna destroy any ppl. We are all humans but, ppl in Israel take what is not for them.
      They wanna destroy ppl in Plastine.
      Maybe u don’t know that and your country doesn’t let u know that they kill even children when they wanna have the area that is for Plastinian.
      U can search:
      Killing Plastine ppl
      Then u will bielive me ♡

      1. Who the fuck are you to talk about other countries?
        You don’t even care about your arabs or kurds or bahaiis or others who have no rights in your evil country

        1. Iran is not evil. you can ask anyone who has been there and lived among them.
          Not All News Are Right
          (especiall BBC. and you know why)

      2. Iran just killed 180 innocents families including kids in an airplane, they killed another 40 of their own at a funeral. So please don’t look for sympathy when your country is attacked.

        1. Iran is not evil. you can ask anyone who has been there and lived among them.
          Not All News Are Right
          (especiall BBC. and you know why)

    2. Because they are hypocrates
      I have a friend who escaped iran
      He told me everything about it, they even hurt him because he spoke his mind freely
      He showed me pictures of small towns in iran
      Only rich people of tehran talk about peace and talk and such bullshits
      They even don’t care about others who live near borders
      I guess only 20 percents of iranians are harmless people, most of them suffer from megalomania

      1. Iran is not evil. you can ask anyone who has been there and lived among them.
        Not All News Are Right
        (especiall BBC. and you know why)

  68. jesus,i tell u this as an iranian,that u should be completely out of ur mind to think the way u do about this country,and believe the foreign-worshiper people acts,as acts of honesty and loyalty
    it was enough if u just told em that u were visiting a city as an iranian who lives in just another city,to face the complete meaning of evil

    1. You iranians are racist stupid savage people
      You even kill and harass your minorites
      Of course a tourist only sees good things about your damn country, they don’t see how you treat each other, how your government kill those who raise their voices and you clap for killing your poor people
      You harass and kill christians, bahaii, jews and suni muslims
      You always talk about your great history, but now your rulers are arabs who speak farsi
      You’re all hypocrates

      1. Excuse me but have YOU ever lived in Iran? I think not!! Have you met every single Iranian that you think you have the right to judge them so harshly?!
        We harass our people probably as much or even less than you do yours.
        Oh and btw no one in our government is an Arab (Not than I have any problems with Arabs I’m just saying this is wrong). You probably would know this if you actually searched about Iran.

      2. So correct lol any one with a brain would know Iranians are not Arabic. I love how people are ignorant. I was in iraq for 3 years 2003-04 home a month left again 2004-2005 was home 2 weeks went back 2005-2006. 12months each tour. Iraq is a nice place very friendly. We guarded iranians. The ones that deflected from the PMOI or whatever from the 80s. They were all nice and caring people just wanted to go home. Just like today you would think jraq is a total mess and it is not. Dont always believe the news. Why i dont watch it. There always is not that much hate in the world.

      3. Dear Philip, I’m an Iranian. In Iran, the powerful who conquered Iran are not good people. But the middle class people in Iran are very kind and sympathetic. The only ones who ruin the image of Iran are the men’s government. Even ordinary Iranians hate them. The Iranian people are not terrorism. We also agree that the government of our men is terrorism, such as Khamenei and Trump. When the plane hit the rocket, the Iranian people became very upset and shed tears. The Iranian people are not to blame. We are innocent in Iran and hate the government. There were many demonstrations in Iran by the people but every time the government killed the people and then they faced a bigger problem to entertain the people and not to protest. But the Iranian people are sympathetic to one another. We are not terrorism. We want world peace but we have no power. I am sorry that my country is not lost to good people. Life in Iran is hard but I assure you that Iran is not a bad place to travel. Iran has four seasons and a good climate. Iran has a beautiful history If you travel here you will notice its magnificent and wonderful history. Traveling to Iran will be a pleasure for you because the Iranian people are very friendly. There are rape and frauds all over the world. We are Muslims but we do not punish foreigners for their beliefs. I am against Islam but I have to respect the laws of my country to wear a headscarf and not to drink. If you come to Iran you have to drink liquor in some hotels. There are some hotels for drinkers, but you should not be drunk on the streets because you are insecure. Perhaps Iran’s security can be guaranteed because people must always be alert and not drunk. I hope you change your mind about the Iranian people. As an Iranian woman, I tell you that despite the restrictions, living in Iran is not uncomfortable for a woman. If you have heard anything about persecution of women in Iran, I must say that This is a thing of the past when the Arabs came to Iran and brought these fanatical thoughts to Iran. But today it is not the case and as a woman in the family I am highly respected and satisfied only with the discontented statesmen. There are a few who restrict women, but if a woman is abused in the streets The first people to protest against the aggressor are men. These are mistaken ideas from the time of the Arab invasion of Iran. Let us stand hand in hand with the oppressors

  69. Wonderful history and cultural country.people who are very helpful to others. Has a lot of women who are highly qualified. Love to visit your beautiful country.

    1. Hey Leila, my name is Richard or “Richie” to friends. I grew up in metro NYC area and have been a NY boy my entire life. I read Drew’s blog and thought that it was cool and we’ll done. I just wanted to apologize to you and your loved ones for how the American government has been acting. The good Americans know that most Persians/Iranians are COOL! Most of the good Americans hate the Trump Government, but hey that’s life! I would love to visit Iran and meet all its people! Just as I am sure you would love to visit America and it’s people. You are ALWAYS WELCOME IN MY AMERICAN CITY, COUNTRY OR MY HOME! IN FACT, HERE IS MY PHONE NUMBER IN CASE YOU EVER WANT TO CALL… 1 (917)259-9107, just remember it’s like an 8 hour time difference between Iran and NYC! Anyway, you be safe, keep smiling and laughing and talking about it and things will change. You can always Email, text, or call your NYC friend “Richie!” Just don’t be dumb like alot of Americans and believe the lies!
      Happy New Year from your friend in NYC!
      [email protected]
      1(917)259-9107 😜😁

  70. As an Iranian girl, I’m sooo hapy that you like our country 😊😍
    Next time when you come here, Visit Ardakan too. It’s a city on Yazd.
    Hope to see you 😊

  71. I had the same experience when I was here in 2014, Drew. I was welcomed and I found most of the people to be VERY curious to meet foreigners from the West. I received many free meals and sightseeing tours during my time there. I recently met up with one of my friends from there after nearly five years. Great post!


  72. This was really cool of you to do. I often tell people that we Americans have more in common with the people in Iran than either of our Governments would allow us to believe. I also think that our bad relationship with Iran is our fault and we should never interfere in other countries unless its to help in times of need.

    Seeing young Iranians post about wondering if we hate them is heartbreaking. A majority of people here are smart enough to know that our government lies to us to push an agenda and there are many people here that have no ill will towards them at all.

    1. That’s same in our country.
      Many of us not only don’t hate u but also we love u.
      Ppl are vary from govermant
      ♡ Peace and love ♡

  73. Hello I’m a Iranian girl, I’m 12 and lately I have been thinking that what does Americans really think about us. I searched & found this writing. I’m truley happy that not all of them hate us. Thank you so much Drew🙂☺️

  74. Well, even thinking about that heart rending war annoys us. Because we lost innocent and brave people. Iraq had potent weapons and supportives.
    And what did we have? Nothing but integrity, bravery and of course god.
    We didn’t fight, we defended in order to protect our people’s lives. Our problem is only sanction. Most of us are living in poverty it’s intolerable. We won’t forgive America’s goverment.

  75. Well written! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. I quit my job and started traveling on 2016. When I told my parents and friends that I’ll start my tour from Iran I remember how they react. They have never been in Iran before but all of them thought there was war in Iran, people are ignorant and unfriendly. Thanks god, I’ve never listen their worries and visited this lovely country. If I had to describe this experience in one word I would say “Speechless”. I’ve spent 3 months in Iran and each day was heart warming. looking forward to meet my friends again 🙂

  76. Hi, Drew!
    I’m an Iranian guy and am really glad you had a good experience visiting Iran and received good treat from the people. Yes, Iran and Iranian people are really lovely, even though there are a lot of negative propagandas coming from all around the world, including your own home country America, against them.
    I think the most important point about every country is to distinguish between the people and the regimes in a country.
    Ordinary people have nothing to do with political stuff or whatsoever which leads to tension or whatever. That’s how I feel about you as an ordinary American while I hate your monstrous government which has done the cruelest shits against the Iranian people over the past century even much long before the current stupid and monstrous Islamic regime came to power in Iran, unfortunately!
    I can talk more, but I should go now. One more thing, by the way: the speed of internet in Iran depends on your budget and the more you pay the faster your internet is. Personally, as an Iranian who has also lived in America for quite a while too, I don’t see any difference between the speed of a quality internet connection in Iran and the one in the US called Suddenlink! You know what I’m saying! Lol!
    But, anyway, thanks so much for being positive and nice about Iran and the Iranians. Please come back ti Iran for another visit again soon and just pray for a freer Iran with nothing to do with terrorism or any other shitty stuff like that!
    Thanks man!

  77. To whoever that is reading this: Hi. I’m an Iranian girl, 17 years old. I just want to say some things that have been on my mind a lot lately(but before that thanks for introducing Iran!)

    There is no McDonalds here, the internet is slow and I have to use VPN in order to watch videos on YouTube. 4 or 5 dollars are basically my monthly pocket money (50 thousand tomans), which displays how my home currency has depreciated. Almost whenever I wake up, the prices have increased.

    For the first time in Iran the government has placed some local bicycles all over Tehran for people to use under certain conditions, one of them being that ‘women’ can’t use them, which just makes me want to bang my head somewhere or something.


    Despite all of these and many more things, I try to live. To get along with my country. My motherland. I try to love it, but with how things have been nowadays that isn’t easy to do. I don’t know about the government but believe me, ‘WE’ aren’t terrorists. We already have a lot on our plate to even think of being one.

    I myself just want to live. To go out without the fear of being caught for ‘improper Hijab’. To be able to listen to music on Spotify without a VPN. To be able to say I go to dance classes freely without the fear of my father(who is a university professor) getting fired, and do many other things that sadly, I can’t, and don’t think that I ever can.

    … Is that too much to ask for?

    1. you’re young. go out abroad for your studies. I’m pretty sure your family won’t have any problem with that.
      by the way i’m a muslim as well so yeah. i know how hard it is gets for ya’ll. anyway if you wanna talk.i’ll be there. you can email mail. Be safe. khuda hafiz.

    2. Hi!
      I have to admit you write good English while you are a young girl in a bad economy (as you say).
      However, $5 is not too low for your age in your country while the oil price is 0.095 $/L. Moreover, according to Iranian culture, girls’ needs provided by their family, and monthly pocket money mostly is paid for transportation and small shopping.
      I can’t confirm your word about women’s cycling since I’ve tried it myself.
      And finally, about censorship and hijab in Iran, I have to notice that the concept of revolution in Iran brought a healthy life for Iranian. For example, the rape rate is minimal, and more than 90% of Iranian girls never smoke or drank while other countries can not control these problems, despite many programs and budget they have.

  78. I’m from Iran and really I love my country and I will never change it but always I ask this question why world think we are bad and before they know about us and why they said bad thing about us?even we don’t know it

  79. Thanks to its very nice blog, Well man really thanks for all these good things you have told about my motherland. This country could be much better if was without these weird restrictions and economical pressure.

  80. hey I am Iranian
    you know beacuse of these events that have happened until now, people around the world think we are just like those cruel arabs or as wild as SISI. but actually we are not some thing unique or even that much bad
    we are just humans with different cultures and different behaviors and religions.
    if you can change your mind about a countries people just because of its bad politic! I am sorry
    and at the end Drew thank you for introducing us around the world and be sure we appreciate you
    thank you again!

  81. y´know every time i see something on the news negative abut iran i get a little skeptical about the countries safety but then i wach 1 of ur vids and then i remember how you had great experiences in iran and how its one of the safest countries in the world i mean Y would U even say a country is a war zone and a hot spot for dictatorship and terrorism if you know it isnt true maybe i should stop watching the news

  82. Well man really thanks for all these good things you have told about my motherland. This country could be much better if was without these weird restrictions and echonomical pressure. Can you believe that a man in beat conditions gets 5000 dollars a year, not a month, a year!!! I mean a normal citizen not a businessman or rich bitches. Be sure that iran is a good choice for traveling (you can stay in a 5 stars hotel with only 100$) but never a good country to live in. Sorry 🙏 it has been so long.

  83. thanks drew for making a good travel video ,its not that bad in iran ,we assume much ,thanks for giving a great information about them ,keep winning hearts and god bless you

  84. I’m from Iran 🇮🇷 iran isn’t a bad country. There is some spectacular places for you . The first thing in my country is hospitality of Iranian. You should visit all the town of Iran. I know you heard some bad thinks about iran but please don’t pay attention. You visit some city’s of Iran then verdict iran
    You know Conditions of our then Verdict Iranian people. Please don’t pay attention to economic nasal our white another country. Dont forget pleas visit Iran 🇮🇷

  85. yes, i agree that Iran, in it’s totality is not necessarily all what mainstream political media portrays it to be…

    I think the average, every day person isn’t too interested in politics and more concerned about improving their standard of living and having quality time with their family and friends.

    Thank you Mr. Binsky for reaching out to these people and making new friends! You’re a great leader!

  86. Hello Drew,
    Thank you for your honesty and inspiring facts. I’m an Iranian living in U.S. for the past thirty four years happily. I travel to Iran for a month or so every year since 2009 and return because of family ties. Apart from good experience you had about Iran, it is quite safe place to live, I’ve never heard or seen a local individual walk into a school, synagogue or a church, killing innocent children and people with machine gun. However, there are difficulties for local people in their daily living and that is because of an awful word called “SANCTIONS” which carried by whom? Let’s leave it to the world to judge.
    You have done a great job and you got your excellent scores and you deserved it.

    1. If iran is so good why the hell you came to OUR country like a leech and you spread your regime’s lies
      If you’re angry about sanctions just get the hell out of US and live with poor people of your country, people like you make me sick, you came here begging for a life of freedom and then you start to blah blah blah ,giving speeches about US government, shut the hell up and leave our country you fucking racists

  87. Enjoyed reading this. It doesn’t surprise me that Iran is an amazing country with good people.
    Must admit I never ever thought of travelling there but definitely would consider it now.

    1. Iran is not what you think Ha Ha Ha. They are the biggist promoters of terriosm in the middle east and that is a fact. If you go there better not let anyone find out you are from America. You will never see America again and that is a fact. Always from some European who says Iran is so great. The country is still controlled by leaders who live in the dark ages. Stop with the propoganda for Iran BS.

      1. Bullshit! You stop with this stupid propaganda against Iran. This summary from Drew Binski is so true. Iranians love visitors, wherever they come from. I have been there myself three times and its is by far the most welcoming destination one could visit. Kheilli manoum to all my persian friends!

    2. and you get your absolute truths from what source,you got something to say back it up with fact,documentation,eyewitness accounts,film footage you name it if your opinion has any shred of truth it should be no trouble whatsoever backing it up,come on spew up some evidence you seem to know everything

  88. Hi I’m a Iranian boy I can’t speak English very well
    But I want to sey iran is a good country for travel.
    Iran is a safe country and people of Iran is kind.
    Iran is not terorism.
    americans TV’s sey Iran is a terorism country but It is wrong.
    I again say iran is not a terorism.
    You must travel to Iran and visit It.
    I hope to see you in Iran.

  89. Hi I’m a iranian boy I can’t speak English very well
    But I want to sey iran is a good country for travel iran is a safe country and people of iran is kind Iran is not terorism and americans TV’s are wrong
    I again say iran is not a terorism
    You must travel to Iran and visit It.
    I hope to see you in Iran.

      1. Can u suck my friend’s dick? 🙂
        Shut your damn mouth.
        He can’t speak English well but he is a good fucker for u ♥️

  90. Hi I’m a iranian boy I can’tspeakenglish very well
    But I want to sey iran is a good country for travel iran is a safe country and people of iran is kind and good iran is not terorism and americans Tv are wrong
    I again say iran is not a terorism
    You must travel to Iran and visit It.
    I hope to see you in Iran.

  91. Hi Drew
    Thanks for your beautiful words and pictures / videos. I hope the creator inspires you to continue your great work, and reveal the truths about this wonderful place we call earth. Iran is surely a wonderful country with people of immense integrity and beauty. I have never been, but my dad use to talk about the great Persian language and its glorious poets. The people and its leaders exhume love, compassion, sincerity in every word they utter. Unlike, sadly, most of the ‘leaders’ in the west, who are quite the opposite.

    God bless you. God bless Iran.

  92. Love to read this and indeed Iran is not what you think if you follow the headlines! I’ve traveled multiple times in Iran and I love the friendly people the most. It’s a wonderful country!

    Following your stories!

      1. U really think there is war in iran and we kill many ppl in our country 😂
        That is what u’ve heared!
        Allah Akbar booom
        That’s not us.
        We are Iranian
        And they are Arabs.
        Thay wanna show u another Islam.
        Our countrie’s teenagers
        Fight with them and now we finish them 🙂
        We want peace not more bro!

        1. It’s clear
          Iranians are all racists
          All the time they whine about how they are not savage arabs and stuff
          The truth is you are racists and worse than those arabs, you are a disaster
          Oh yes iranians are friendly with people from western countries
          But if an arab or afghan travel to your country you treat them like shit
          You deserve what you get
          Don’t tell us you’re not bad and these bullshits
          You don’t even help free your own country, you are nothing, better stay nothing, if you get that nuclear bomb, all the world will be in danger, you psychos

          1. Hoy Dan! Donkey or whatever your fucking name, just shut your fucking mouth bitch! You talk in a way that you as westerner is like an angle. you are nothing just a peace of useless shit!

          2. Arabs love Saddam Hussein who killed most of Iran’s youth.Imagine their beloves politician is the one who officially hated Iranians for no particular reason. Go and study history.We never hurt Arabs even when we were 1million mightier. We never persecuted any religious minority in our thousands of years of history. We liberated Jews. Even now with the Islamic regime you can have any religion in Iran without consequences.
            And we don’t treat Afghans badly. We just hate those who are illegally in our country and comitt crimes. If it annoys you that we don’t hate Europeans then it’s your problem not the problem of my people.
            Go and f**king study the history of Arabs’ conquest of Iran. Arabs burned our books and did anything they could to destroy our languages. I have 10000 reasons to hate Arabs but still when I go to the Southern coasts of my country I laugh with Arabs and talk with them A lot.
            And when you see an Arab in the streets of Iran he is either here for medical stuff or he just wants to have sex. That’s why we never say hello to them and we don’t invite them to our homes. On the other hand white people come here for our history and culture and we see an opportunity to prove that we are fine people. But what the heck is the point of talking to Arabs when they don’t even speak English and hate us anyway?
            You better first understand the cultural differences and historical backgrounds then call us racists.
            And our country is free of British empire and American Imperialism so thanks we don’t want to be Libya take your democracy with you. Better think about your own cities which are losing their identity thanks to Zionist policies. Free your own country first.

    1. Hey guys I’m IRANIAN girl .
      I really want to know what made AMERICANS think we are terrorism while Isis is killing people in Syria,Iraq but we are helping them live a better life away from the stress and fear of these scary and criminal groups.

      1. I apologize greatly for what has happened recently. After WW3 got billions of video views in the United States, people have been worried than Iran is a greatly powerful country. The United States is spending over $700 billion on our military in 2020 and another $90 billion on Veterans. That is 64% of our taxes. We are not taught this in school. We are the terrorists. We destroy and create fear ourselves. I’m sorry most Americans are unhealthy. And I’m sorry that Generation Z is growing up to believe the same. I hope the best for you.

  93. Thanks a lot for showing us so many beautiful things about Iran!
    It´s a real inspiration!
    Happy Friday♥!

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Oh, it’s really wrong that we have nothing to do with governments. We love the people of the whole world. The Iranian people also want peace.

  94. Iran AHHHH, lucky you didn’t ran afoul of the Muslim laws or you would hang upside down from the gallows. Why ignore the hate and brutality of the Iranian regime? Over 2 Million Iranians killed in wars and double amount wounded for life, or the dictatorship government ? Brutality and restriction against women who are considered 2nd class in Iran , Remind everyone of the above and then talk about iran

    1. i would not be offended if a dirty as indian like u disrespect me its fun to hear fuck tards like u trash talk xd
      get a shower dirty cun t

      1. OMG I love this kamyab comment. Indians Are dirty..

        The earliest humans that populated Europe migrated from/through Iran… Westerners have far more in common with Persians than people further east. It’s a big part of our history. I love Asia. Just saying Iranians are awesome people.

    2. Rashida I am sick and tired of reading about brutal gang rapes in India and your country is one I would never dare to travel to on my own. Iran, on the other hand, is a beautiful, friendly country with no caste system or dowry/honour killings. Really, considering you come from a country where it is unsafe for a woman to go out alone I am surprised you think Iran is a bad place for women.

    3. Well first of all you do not be hung for every kinda shit you do against Iran. Second, Iran’s government starting the war it was iraq which was supported by us and lotta other European countries.but yes there is too much dictatorship my friend. Anyway think and do some research before commenting.

  95. Hi, there nice blog. Actually, I am planning to write something like this on my website. something is related to travel. Now, I am writing blogs on technology and entertainment.

  96. Great work Drew . Your Travel videos are really inspiring. The way you show the culture and lifestyle of the native , is really fascinating .

  97. This is an awesome piece, Drew! I must say that Iran is not a travel destination that I had considered but I guess that’s mostly due to how it is portrayed in the media & politics. Your images and footages have made me reconsider. Looking forward to reading more about your travel adventures.

    1. Hello. I’m an Iranian woman. Wish you to come in to my country and have perfect times in here. We believe that we are brothers and sisters in creations 😊🌺

    1. Iranians are livin in the best country in the world… There are lots of troubles in any countries but totally i looove livin in my motherland(Iran)

    1. Right. If you’re a tourist Iran is the best country for you. But about locals. Prefer not to think about that. 1$=140000Rials

  98. I love your sense of Adventure Drew! I believe you, and I also wanna go here to! I love traveling the world! Thanks! I also don’t believe the media, with their false representations, and prejudice people. There news reports about Iran are total Garbage. Their reports about other countries are false garbage, too. I can’t wait to travel when I turn 18!

  99. Hi i’m Iranian and i moved to America and i am FURIOUS about the way that people think about my country i love it there so much and i can’t even imagine iran being attacked by that “president” of yours but any ways i’m really thankfull for doing this thing and trying to change peoples mind about iran and by the way i’m from Ahvaz and i hope you’ve visited there because if you haven’t you’ve so many great things more specificly khiyabbon sizdah or 13th street it has the best fastfood places in iran 😋😋

    1. Im iranian and I originaly from kurdistan of iran
      Iranian people is very kind but
      Kurdistan is very diffreand
      Kurdistan has very high history and kurdistan is very moderner of iran
      Very thanks for your post and sorry . I can’t speak english very sorry

  100. Hi,I’m originaly from Iran…that’s right Irann is very good 😊I live in Ahvaz…some of the people think Iran isn’t so good but that’s not true you can see the friendly people and hostiric city or viait Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad…I hope all of the people can understand what do I mean…😊I sugest you see my country also my city but my city is a bit warm for people from other country😂

  101. This is so cool, Iran has been on my mind as a destination for more than 10 years, I’m so curious about it! I’ve heard that the people are super friendly, just as you state in the post, and that it’s really safe, for women too. I really need to seriously look into travelling there!

    1. Hello Maria. I am an Iranian woman. Come here as soon as possible! Here ladies can go out of home after dark alone, every where is safe and nobody haven’t any gun in Iran against diplomatic bodyguards. and I travelled several times alone when I was about 18. But it is against of our culture to go out after dark if it is not necessary. In any case you can travel to Iran and will have some fun. The water of every place is OK and standard for drink and don’t make you sick, even in WC water is drinkable!! Here is a fairy land 😊😍❤

  102. thank you so much drew for your post . everybody should know iran is how wonderful . I suggest you to visit shiraz . i think its the most beautiful city in iran

  103. Hi
    I’m glad to know that there are some people who think this way about my country. And, your article just mesmerized me! I hope you come to visit again.
    And, in case you came here again, I suggest you to visit Yasooj. It’s a beautiful city with a great environment.
    And, excuse me if I had any grammatical mistakes. 🙂

    1. Many years ago I had the opportunity to work with a Persian girl she was a delight to be around. Recently I have met several people from Iran and I find them very nice. The media doesn’t show the good side of everything. I believe good prevails and we all must strive for that.

  104. Hi
    thanks dear Drew to share such these articles.
    We really respect other nations Specially tourists come to Our Country.
    Another thing maybe As a reward of these videos and pictures, For all persons that are reading this comment, if they decide to travel to Iran, I could provide them the place for staying, no need for reserving hotel. the place is an old and beautiful village house located in the 40Km of Kashan- One of the most historical and beautiful Cities of Iran- Which is in a village named Ghohroud. This village and its neighbors are Known for their Rose Water.
    contact me.
    [email protected]

    1. with this comment “iran is the most advanced and civilized country in the middle east ” you insulted every advanced and civilized country in the entire planet of earth.
      i am an Iranian (unfortunately)for your knowledge.

      1. I guess you have not studied other civilization and how they lived in the past and their roots. Your mindset will change when you study the foundation of other current and past civilizations. Knowledge is power.

  105. Iran is one of the most advanced and civilized country in the middle east. The really sad thing is that it was also the first Muslim democracy in the mid-20th century — until Prime Minister Mossadegh and the freely elected parliament ran afoul of British and American oil companies.

    1. that was for a small period of time, for about two years i think. but before mossadegh and after a coup that overthrew his government, it was imperial administration until the revolution 1979. it became islamic republic and now we have elections each two years at least (the both presidency and the parliament) with the participation of more than 70% of the people, sometimes more than 80% and there are christians and also jewishes living here and we are friendly with each other.
      I don’t know english very well and i hope you understand what i wanna say.

    1. You know
      I’m a female teenage here, and it’s really hard to live as a female person, you need to drees the way they want, you can’t sing because of your voice , and a new ridiculous rule has came and they say that we can’t even eat ice cream! So what are we supposed to do? Can we die or sth?
      You can’t even do some jobs because they say it’s for men, like mechanical things.
      The way that they insult women’s rights sucks, but generally
      Iran’s great for vacations, not living
      It’s like
      Imagine the hottest day in the middle of summer, while wearing tshirt with mantoos( the weird long dress with long sleeves) with a thick scarf and a long pants, and sweats.
      You can’t even play music in here, female or male, they’ll destroy your instrument and they’ll send you to the jail.

      1. All of your opinion was full of lies. Here is no law for eating ice cream or do mechanic s by ladies. In Iran a girl after 18 can get truck driving license. Our clothes (manto and shawl or scarf) in summer are soft and delicious with very beautiful shiny colors. I’m sure you never visit or being in Iran even in your sleeps. Here is I.R.Iran, not Saudi Arabia

        1. You’re not even a girl b***😐 my friends and I even use Chador (in middle of summer) and got NO problem with it. what do you want? naked women?? even US is not like that.
          Every country has their own rules for their ppl’s own safety. and right! ofcours! 🙂 you can change your religion or leave if you wanna keep bluffing.

  106. I have recently confirmed with DNA testing that I am Iranian, which I have denied for many years (because of media misconception). My family fled to the US but were very welcoming when I found them and visited them. I would love to visit Iran, but as a female, I am very scared to visit. My Iranian father is too ill to take me there. Would I have the same reception as a female visitor?

    1. Dear Caroline, never scare about seeing your first country. Learn Farsi and find your realatives address and come to Iran. Ask from your dad addresses

  107. I’m an Iranian and your website was a search result when I searched “Why iran is not a good country to travel to.”
    Even I haven’t explored Iran deeply, and haven’t been abroad, so mu opinion might not be considered so valid, but after talking to a lot of foreigners here, I have this conception that Iran can be a GREAT country to travel to, and one could possibly have his best trip of his life. The stereotypes are making a horrible picture of our country, and I’m actually really impressed by your sense of responsibility to publish something against those false stereotypes and you try your best at it. I shall give you a profound thank you as a representative of all Iranians who are now being punished by the governments. Increasing tourism rare can make a significant improvement to this country. I’ll even more thankful if you try to show iran’s true collars to all international travellers. You’ll be doing us a GREAT favor. 🙂

  108. Hello,
    Thanks for showing beauties of my home country.
    I missed my country after seeing your videos of it. (I’m living in your country (US) now, less than a year)
    Just 3 things:
    *You haven’t visited all of the cities in Iran yet, any city is a world! I suggest visiting Tabriz, Sistan, Hamedan, Mashad.
    * You told prices are low and things are affordable, yes if you pay in USD they are too cheap, but in comparison to salaries in Iran, even groceries are too expensive.
    * People are kind and caring to each other as well as foreigners, the reason that some people disagree this, is that Iranian people are more depressed nowadays and angry because of the financial troubles. Iranians are really curious about new things, including new people : )

  109. I have not been there but after reading your share information i got some knowledge about it so I have decided that I must go there once in my free time as soon as possible.

  110. Iranian are very scammers and liars this video is joke . You should read about Iranian and study Iranian people very good my friend

    1. Well, you better be careful, since you know NOTHING about Iran. It’s a great country, and I’m proud of it. And I can’t stand somebody talking about my home like this.

    2. Very scammers and liers??!!! You have to say this about your people, The Zionist persons that are wild and until hummanity, not the most civilization country in the world named the I.R.Iran 😏😏

  111. Hi Iranian not friendly they have inferiority complex and think white people are better than Iranian . Iranian treat Afghan , Pakistanis and Arabs …. Very badly Evan they treat each other very badly . Iranian very aggressive and very rude people

      1. Yes show your true color you fucking racist
        The world soon will find out who you are and we will see who will be wiped out. Moron

    1. Thats true
      One trip to iran was enough for me to find out
      One of the girls there wanted to ruin everything for me and my wife because i trusted her as a friend, they are the most dirty people in the world.
      They defend islam but they fuck like pigs with everyone. I love most people no matter what, but iranians have mental problems. Just stay away from them.
      They are very angry people, they boast all the time about their great past empire, but they treat each other like shit

      1. I’m so sorry for your trip.. and also surprised to hear that!
        u sure? maby you weren’t just lucky! I donno.. I’ve never seen such a thing during my 9 years of living in Iran :/ and I’ve visited many cities!
        Hope you’ll never experience such trips again 🙂

  112. First thank you for visit my country and thanks for your idea about Iran
    and I’m so happy about this 🙂

    Just for know (( just drivers NASCAR can drive on angry roads of Iran 🙂 ))

    From one Iranian 🙂

  113. Iranian people really love foreign and they are more hospitable than everybody think! Iran has great history and culture. when you travel to Iran, it will be the best journey in your life.

  114. I enjoyed your beautiful video.. such a amazing photos and The Persian Gardens is highlighted in my head..overall it’s nice blog. Thank you for posting.

  115. Drew, this is exactly what I tell ALL of my friends! Never judge a book by its cover and especially an entire nation without even paying a visit. I think the western news outlets are to blame as the only new that does come out of the middle east is that of terrorism and bad news. I hope we can start to change here in the United States (I’m from the United States).

    Love the article Drew and wanted to let you know that I will be traveling to Sudan later this year. Any tips for traveling there?

    Wishing you good health on your travels,

  116. Drew, this is such an inspiring article! Your story about Iran is really heart-warming. It’s true that a lot of people see it as a dangerous place because of its history but I hope a lot of people would be able to read your blog, specifically this post, and have a change of heart even by just a little. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I’m very glad to hear that, yes my country has lots of beauties, it is a very popular destination now and one of the cheapest places for travel.

  117. Thanks Drew for the nice article about this beautiful country. I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Tehran myself and even though I had no prejudice about Iran it still have surprised me by its charm and kindness of its people. I hope more people will look at Persia as opportunity rather than a threat especially when nowadays it’s opening more and more every day. Two years ago you wouldn’t see a boy and a girl walking hand in hand on the street which is now reality in the big cities and the law that they are not selling any alcohol is also refreshing (you can enjoy huge variety of non-alcoholic fruit infused beers).

  118. Hey Drew! My name is Tyler and I was inspired to follow in your footsteps and become a travel blogger myself back in January of this year. I’m hoping that once I graduate from college, I will be able to teach English abroad (I already have my TEFL certification) and eventually transition into a full-time travel blogger.

    I just wanted to say a quick thank you for giving Iran a chance. My mother was born in Tehran but moved to the States when she was very young; because of all that has happened on the news since then, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit this amazing country. Thanks to what I have heard and seen from your journey, I have hopes that I can visit Iran soon.

    Good luck with your future travels,

  119. Thanks for putting Iran into perspective for me. I never did expect this would be Iran because of how the media portrays it. Those gardens are out of this world though! Cheers!

  120. Wonderful article. Though many people see Iran as a dangerous country because of its history. Everyone should Read this article and change their perspective on Iran, I’m looking forward to visiting this country. Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Hi Drew!
      The best thing i can say is thank u!
      I am an iranian girl who loves her country…and for sure u made me so happy!🙃
      I think ,as human we musn’t judge other nations without enough knowledge!!

  121. Wow! Thank you Drew, I love your story about Iran. I have to say it wasn´t on our travel list at first, but I have been inspired by so many great travel stories including yours of course! I really want to see myself.
    You are absolutely inspiring and my husband and I will keep following your great stories.

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