Hello to all of my lovely friends, family and followers out there who are reading this.  I’d like to extend a genuine Thank You for your attention in this article, and I’m excited to share with you where I am heading in the near future.

As you may have noticed, you are reading the very first post on my new travel & lifestyle website – drewbinsky.com.  *Winners of my Free Postcard giveaway are at the end of this post!

Over the past 3 years, you’ve probably known me as “The Hungry Partier,” because that is the name of my original travel blog that I started back in September 2013, when I moved to Korea to teach English.

Well, what can I say… I’ve evolved.

Don’t get me wrong — I still love to drink, party, listen to EDM, go to music festivals, etc. — but I am no longer the “hungry partier” as I once was when I was 21 years old.  As I’ve matured over the years, my perspectives, goals and incentives have changed as well.

To be honest, as much as I love nightlife and partying around the world, I cringe every time someone asks me what my blog name is, or when I give out my business card. The name “Hungry Partier” is a bad reflection of the person I truly am, and I’ve even had companies refuse to work with me simply because of my blog’s name.  If you know me personally, then you know I’m a much more optimistic and thoughtful person than The Hungry Partier suggests.

Over the past 6 months or so, you may have noticed that most of my work doesn’t revolve around blogging anymore — it revolves around Snapchat.  

I have been collaborating with dozens of travel brands and companies — through Snapchat takeovers — which has been funding my travels.

In other words, I am making a living off Snapchat from countless hours of hard work and patience.  I’ve found my niche.

In any regard, with the help of my awesome designer friends, this new blog has been in the works for about 6 months…  and I’m beyond thrilled to finally launch drewbinsky.com!

What will you find on DrewBinsky.com?

On my new site, you’ll find a more simplified, professional and personal space dedicated to sharing my lifestyle, tips and insights as I travel around the world.

From day 1, my ultimate goal from blogging & posting on social media has been the same — to influence and inspire millennials to travel. 

The content on drewbinsky.com will focus on a few categories:

  • Social Media Advice (tips for how I’ve gained 200K+ followers, how-to guides, etc.)
  • Snapchat Vlog (I have a page where you can watch all of my snapchat stories)
  • Budgeting on the road (how I manage to spend about $50USD day on travel)
  • Tips for how I’ve made traveling into a career 
  • Sharing my best travel stories and experiences
  • Showcasing all my media attention (TV interviews, podcasts, guest blogging, etc)

In other words, I am moving away from writing posts like “The Top 10 Cities to Get F*cked Up In,” and I am moving towards providing quality advice for how to help you travel and/or make a living out of traveling the world.

I want to be the person that high schoolers and college students look up to when they need some motivation or advice to travel.  I want to be that person who shows how fulfilling and rewarding it is to meet people and explore different places in the world.

And that’s my motivation behind spending 3-4 hours every single day responding to people’s emails, snapchats, tweets, Instagram messages, Facebook comments, blog comments and questions.  I am here to help you get on the right track.

But what about TheHungryPartier.com?

I have decided to turn The Hungry Partier into a communal site, with dozens of regular contributors, focused on providing the best nightlife guides around the world.  I have previously published about 20 nightlife guides in various cities around the world from my own partying experiences, and many of these posts (including the Seoul and Prague nightlife guides) are the most viewed articles I’ve ever written.

So I thought it’s a good idea to expand on the content that people are reading – which is nightlife guides.

Please contact me if you’d like to be a writer for The Hungry Partier!  If you have any knowledge about partying in a particular city (bars, clubs, etc) that I haven’t covered (check here), then I’d love to have you contribute.  As part of the deal, I will include a link to your website and shout out your social media handles.

For all the other blog posts I’ve written on The Hungry Partier — they will remain the same.  It’s not worth my time and effort to migrate hundreds of my old posts into my new site.  Maybe I’ll rewrite a few old posts, but I want a fresh slate for new content ahead!

I am super excited to start this new chapter and share some exclusive travel advice with you guys!


To celebrate the birth of my new blog, I am sending out 5 free postcards from Machu Picchu to people who sign up for my email list (ON THIS LINK).  I will write a personal message on it and ship it to any country on earth.  Winners will be randomly selected and announced in exactly 3 days.


Tom Jasiniski
Kim Wesely
C. Mason
Kelsea Vickhouse
Sam Chong

And lastly, I invite you to join my adventures on Snapchat (@drewbinsky) if you haven’t already.  I will be snapping from all over South America and the Caribbean Islands until October – including #Rio2016!

Thanks again for reading 🙂

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky

A graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Drew Binsky has visited 190+ Countries since 2012.He first caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Prague, then taught English in Korea, and now he's on a mission to visit every country on earth.Follow his journey on YouTube & Instagram @drewbinsky 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Why I Launched This New Blog, & What’s Next for Me…

  1. Hey there Drew,
    I started blogging around the same time as you (2013) and knew you at the hungry partier. I actually don’t follow many other blogs, but I like how yours evolved which is unusual in blogs so I check in from time to time. I couldn’t believe you have MILLIONS of followers now. Kudos on your success.
    I was wondering if you’re on NomadMania or a similar site that breaks down territories and not just countries. I see you’re so close to 193, so territories would bring in another challenge. No one has ever set foot on all 1000 or so territories on earth. I am not affiliated with it, but I saw your interview on the South Asian girl who finished all 193 countries and it was anti climatic, so started thinking…hey do they know about this other site.
    Anyways, it’s been a delight. I live on Jeju island and saw your 2017 post on it recently while doing research on a post, too. Have a good one.
    Oh, before I forget. Why does hungry partier take me to some dude named eric now? Did you give up the URL?

  2. Hi Drew you are just an inspiration. I started watching your videos in March 2020 when schools were closed due to the pandemic. I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I wish you all the best.

  3. I am young and have not had the opportunity to travel out of the country. I will be this march though. Thanks for inspiring me. When I get older, I hope to travel as much as possible thanks to you. 😉

  4. Hey Drew…..you are doing awesome work but why didn’t you published a blog on Cambodia? It’s such a splendid place….I m surprised that you visited there but didn’t pop up with a blog.

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  6. Just a quick Question
    You said you were afraid to go back to the DPRK, because your name might be on a North Korean blacklist, but you were sponsored by the DPRK tourism board?
    thank you!

  7. Congratulations on your new adventure Drew! I have been following you around the globe with the Hungry Partier and I will continue doing it here. You are such an inspiration! Keep living your life to the fullest 🙂

  8. I am what you would consider to be one of your “Generation X” followers. Although I was aware of your “Hungry Partier” blog, I kept track of your travel adventures via Instagram and SnapChat instead. Not that I didn’t care to learn about EDM festivals and party islands from around the world (I still want to go to see Ibiza someday), but as you get older, your interests and responsibilities change.

    I think this new blog direction may also attract more Gen X followers, too, whether that was intentional or not! We still want to go out and see the world even though we are in the midst of our “9-to-5 careers” or established home life. It’s just awesome how Millennials have used social media to show us how to travel for longer and/or cheaper and that anyone can do it as long as they want to do it. Looking forward to reading more great stories from this blog.

  9. As a fan of your blog since back in the day, I have to say that I’m proud of you for taking the leap and expanding your brand as well as all your success finding your niche on snapchat! I love peeking into your adventures and wish you loads more success on your upcoming ventures! I’ll have to get in touch about helping out at the Hungry Partier, I’ve been wanting to write something for a while now 😀 Cheers!

    Francesca @onegrloneworld

  10. Congrats! Sounds like a great move. I’ve been following on Snapchat and I love the platform. On your site, It looks like you removed the photos from your Snapchat stories…? Or have you found a way to export story’s and keep the integrity of the photos (ie and not have the frame freeze). Any advice on how to best export the stories (that include both video and photo) would be awesome! Thanks

  11. Great decision Drew! Evolution is so natural and many people are afraid to drop the old them and embrace the new. It would have been a hard choice given all the energy and resources you invested into the old site. I too was confused after following your Snaps and then seeing your blog. It didn’t feel like it was the right fit. And I love how you’re turning that into a communal site – so many people love to share their party stories. We’ve lived a somewhat similar life working in other countries teaching. I think you have a lot of value you can share to help others do the same.

    I’m looking forward to following your new direction.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Caz! I also enjoy following your snaps and your blog, and It’s nice to hear that we have similar stories! I hope that our travels cross paths sometime in the near future – it would be an honor to meet you!

      Take care 🙂


  12. This is really inspiring to be honest reading about how you matured thought that was kinda funny when you said that! But your life is full of adventures that not only you deserve but it’s what you were born for! It’s your GIFT! It’s crazy I never knew you end to Korea to be an English teacher! And it’s pretty amazing! Because English teachers are amazing teachers! I’ll be waiting for tips in my email! From you! God bless you and have safe travels!

  13. I actually started following you on snapchat first about 6 months ago and when I realized the name of your blog I felt a bit confused, to me it didn’t reflect what I had seen of you, so this feels like a very wise and natural step 🙂
    Going to be fun following you here as well!

  14. Great to know Drew. I respect your decision a lot and knowing when to move on. Good luck with future endeavors.

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