I have written, contributed or been mentioned in more than 150 articles on major publications and travel blogs online.  See a list of the top ones below:

Travel Websites/Publications

A Plus —–> Lessons Travelers Have Learned While Traveling (contribution)
Aardvark Safaris —–> Best Travel Bloggers 2015 (award)
AOL.com —–> This Week in Snapchat w/ Kevin Jonas
Book Mark Travel —–> Grand Palace in Bangkok
CEA Study Abroad —–> Why It’s Important to Eat Locally Abroad
Clemson Study Abroad —–> How to Travel on a Student Budget
CTV News —–>  Top 5 Travel Tips from a 24 year-old Who’s Been to 74 Countries
Daily Star —-> Blogger Spends 3 Days in North Korea, What He Finds Will Surprise You
Days to Come —–> 11 Best Travel Jobs (contribution)
El Salvador.com —–> American Blogger Visits El Salvador & Recommends the Country
Elite Daily —–>  Top Travelers to Follow on Snapchat (mention)
Elite Daily —–> Here’s How to Have Awesome Snapchat Stories
Elite Daily —–> 7 Important Things I’ve Learned from 75 Countries
Elite Daily —–> 12 Travel Bloggers you Need to be Following on Snapchat (mention)
Escape Artist —–> What It’s Like to Live and Work in Rural Korea
Escape From America —–> Why Seoul is the #1 Party City in the World
Expedia.com —–> Best Late Night Eats in Seoul
Expediablog.co.uk —–> 25 Best Shopping Cities in the World (contribution)
Falukteti.mk (Macedonia) —–> Highs and Lows of Travel
Frayed Passport —–> Take a Risk While Traveling: Bungee Jumping in Switzerland
From a Traveller’s Desk —–> Featured Traveler: All About Amsterdam
Global Gaz —> 110 Countries Guinness World Record (podcast interview)
GO NOMAD —–> Boryeong Mud Festival in Korea
Go Overseas —–> Taking a Gap Year in South Korea
Go Overseas —–> Taking a Gap Year in Hungary
Go Overseas —–> 9 Great Blogs about Teaching English in Asia (mention)
Gobi Gear —–> The Allure of Travel Writing
Good Magazine —–> Teaching English Abroad for Money (interview)
Grabr – 12 Gifts for the Wanderlusters in Your Life (Contribution)
Groove Korea —–> Life Outside of Korea (interview)
Hitchhiker’s Handbook —–> My Story of an Unexpected Hitchhike in Bosnia
Huffington Post —–> 3 Ways to Save as a Solo Traveler
Huffington Post —–>  Here’s How I’m Hosting my Own Travel Show on Snapchat
Huffington Post —–> Why You Should Visit Myanmar This Year
Huffington Post —–> 6 Reasons to Visit Seoul
Huffington Post —–> Bucket list places (Contribution)
Huffington Post —–> These Travel Snapchat Accounts Put the World in your Hands (mention)
Huffington Post —–> 5 Reasons Why Oman Should be on Your Radar
Huffington Post UK —–> World’s Top Male Travel Bloggers (mentioned as #1)
Holiday Lettings —–> Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World
Holiday Lettings —->  Top 20 Solo Travel Bloggers to follow in 2017 (mention)
Influence Digest —> 15 Travelers Using Social Media to Influence Others (mention)
Koovs —–> Top 5 Celebrities to Follow on Snapchat
KTLA —–> This Millenial Makes a Living on Snapchat (a complete interview)
Love Travel Quotes —–> Top Travel Bloggers Share Fav Quotes (Contribution)
Mashable —-> Rise of the Facebook Star (interview)
MBC.net —–> An Interview About My Travels in Egypt (in Arabic)
Metiza —–> The World is Drew Binsky’s Playground (interview)
My World Abroad —–> Q&A to Teaching English in Korea
News.com.au —–> Best & Worst Travel Experiences from 75 Countries
News.com.au —-> 3 Days in North Korea, Drew’s Video Aims to Change the Way You See DPRK
Nomad Capitalist —–> Drew Binsky – Solve the Problem First (podcast interview)
Open World Mag —–> Top 30 Adventurers Under 30
Orbitz —–> 9 Travel Snapchats You’d be Crazy Not to Follow
Orbitz —–> 11 Instagrams to Follow (mention)
Passport Study Abroad —–> The Art of Light Packing
Passport Study Abroad —–> The Fun and Enjoyment From Traveling
Passport Study Abroad —–> Korean Nightlife Culture
Paste Magazine —–> What Influencers Think about Instagram Stories
Pixlee —–> 3 Reasons Travel Brands Need SM Influencers (contribution)
Price of Travel —–> Best Cheap Destinations in the World (Contribution)
Real Bali —–> Bloggers Share Favorite Things to do in Bali (Contribution)
Sea Salt Secrets —–> Top Globetrotting Guys
St. Christopher’s —-> Top Travel Snapchatters to Follow in 2017 (mention)
Thanh Nien News —->  Why I Moved to Hanoi (full interview)
The Abroad Guide —–> The Ultimate Guide to Partying in Prague
The Besty —–> The Best Seafood in Singapore
The Guardian —> Visiting North Korea, Risks & Rewards
The Hostel Life —–> 5 Incredible Things to do in Prague
The Independent.co —–> Traveler lists his worst experiences from 75 countries
The Sun – Travel Blogger Visits North Korea and Makes Inspiring Video
The Travelling Postcard —> Top 5 Travel Experiences
Thought Catalog —–> 8 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow on Snapchat
Thought Catalog —–> This is How I’m Using Snapchat to Host my Own Travel TV Show
Tnooz —–> Snapchat and the Golden Opportunity for Travel Marketing
Travel Dudes —–> Sunset in Koh Samui, Thailand
Travel Magazine.co —–> Top 5 Things to do in Prague
Under30Experiences.com —–> 7 Travel Snapchatters You Need to Follow (mention)
Uproxx —–> 11 Professional Travelers Share their Fav Destinations (contribution)
Uproxx —–> 8 Best Travelers to Follow on Snapchat (mention)
Uproxx —–> Top Travel Tips by Travel Professionals (contribution)
U.S. Golf TV —–> 5 Reasons Vietnam Should be on your Golf Bucket List
U.S. News Travel —–> 5 Reasons to Visit Myanmar in 2015
U.S. News Travel —–> 3 Ways Social Media Has Changed the Way We Travel
U.S. News Travel —–> 6 Reasons to Visit Seoul
U.S. News Travel —–> How to Find Cheap Flights Online
U.S. News Travel —–> 3 Ways to Save as a Solo Traveler
U.S. News Travel —–> 5 Tips to Survive a Long Flight
USA Today —-> What’s the Weirdest Things You’ve Ever Eaten?
Vroom Vroom Vroom —–> Skype Interview with The Hungry Partier
WKOW Madison ABC News —> Traveler Goes to North Korea
Yahoo Travel —–> Kiev – Put This European City on your Bucket List
Yahoo Travel —–> 5 Snapchat Accounts to Inspire Your Wanderlust (mention)

Travel Blogs

A Couples Odyssey —–> Travel Experience Interview
Adventurous Kate —–> Why Snapchat Matters (mention)
AndySteves.com —–> How to Travel the World for a Living (Podcast Interview)
Anna Everywhere —> Top Travel Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat in 2016 (co-wrote)
Around The World in KT Days —> Best Things to do in Seoul (contribution)
Backpack Me —–> Street Food Around the World
Buddy the Traveling Monkey —–> Places Where Photos Aren’t Allowed
Buddy The Traveling Monkey —–> An Interview with The Hungry Partier
Currently Exploring —–> 11 Instagrams that will Inspire your Dreams
E Tramping —–> 5 Budget-Friendly Things to do in Prague
E Tramping —–> Awesome Work Abroad Experiences (contribution)
Eva Explores —–> The Definitive List of Travel Snapchatters (mention)
Escaping Abroad —–> How to Teach English Abroad
Flip Nomad —–> Why Seoul is the Best Party City in the World
Gamin Traveler —–> 27 Hidden Gems Around the World (contribution)
Get In The Hotspot —–> A Million Things to See and Do in Seoul
Girl Vs. Globe —–> Ways to Take a Photo of Yourself While Traveling (mention)
Getting Stamped —–> Top 10 Travel Bloggers on Snapchat (mention)
Hostel Girl —–> 14 Top Travelers to follow on Snapchat (mention)
Just a One Way Ticket —–> 10 Amazing Things to do in Seoul
Journalist on the Run —–> Top Male Travel Bloggers (ranked #1)
Johnny Jet —–> Travel Style Interview
Laurence Bradford —–> Best Destinations in SE Asia (contribution)
Lazy Travelers —–> “Jetsetters” Featured Interview
Like Riding a Bicycle —–> What does a $5 meal look like? (contribution)
Mapping Megan —–> 5 Mouth-Watering Korea Foods to Try
Mapping Megan —–> Sexiest Male Travelers Alive 2014
Mapping Megan —–> War Stories From the Road
Our Oyster —–> Budget Travel in South Korea
P.S. I’m On My Way —–> Best Trips 2016 According to Travel Bloggers (contribution)
P.S. I’m On My Way —–>  Best Trips 2017 According to Travel Bloggers (contribution)
Peanuts or Pretzels —–>  UNESCO Sites (contribution)
Planet D —–> What It Means to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Power Couple Life —–> 15 Snapchat Accounts to Follow (mention)
Raising Miro —–> Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone
Sally Around the World —–> Top 9 Inspiring Instagrammers (mention)
The Crazy Tourist —–> How I Got Started with Travel Blogging
The Expeditioner —–> Off The Beaten Path Things to do in Prague
The Pin the Map Project —–> Traveler Series Interview
The Professional Hobo —–> A Week in the Life of Drew
Travel With Kat —–> A Guide to the Street Food in Singapore
Travel Yourself —–> Best Tips for Snapchat (mention)
Triphackr —–> Top 10 Instagram Accounts to follow in 2017 (mention)
Turtles Travel —–> “Food For Thought” Interview
Two Drifters —–> That First Spark of Travel (contribution)
Two Drifters —–> My Favorite Places on Earth (contribution)
Two Drifters —–> 7 Travel Bloggers That I Religiously Follow on Snapchat (mention)
Wander Onwards —–> 5 Types of Travelers You Meet While Backpacking
Wandering Educators —–> 3 Reasons Why It’s Imperative to Eat Local Foods
Wendy Wu Tours —–> How to Prepare for a Trip to India (contribution)
While I’m Young and Skinny —–> Best Travel Blogs You Should be Reading (mention)
Who Need Maps —–> Why You Should Study Abroad
Young Dumb and Fun —–> Why Seoul is the #1 Party City in the World


Answers.com —–> The Best Czech Dishes to Eat in Prague
EDM Tunes —–> Top 5 Countries to Rave in 2016
Fest Pop —–> Boryeong Mud Festival Korea
Fest Pop —–> Sensation White Festival
Fest Pop —–> Magnetic Music Festival Prague
Insomniac —–> This Headliner Has Raved in More Than 45 Countries
Insomniac —–> Raving in Asia v. North America
Insomniac —–> Top 5 Countries for Raving in 2016
RR Chronicle —–> EDM Intro
Uproxx.com —–> Best Travels to Follow on Snapchat 
YourEDM —–> This Guy Has Raved in Over 45 Countries
YourEDM —–> Top 5 Countries to Rave in 2015