Very few things in the world can make me happier than going to a Music Festival.

The positive energy, friendly people, live performances, all around good vibes are the things that keep me coming back for more.

My first music festival was Bonnaroo (in Tennessee) back in Summer ’11, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Over the last half-decade, I’ve attended dozens of music festivals around the world.

I developed a strong love for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) ever since I studied abroad in Prague and raged in Europe for 5 months in college.  You can read more about my love for EDM in this blog post.

Below, you can hear about my experiences in each festival I’ve attended.

Tomorrowland (Belgium, 2015)

EDC (Las Vegas, 2015)

Sensation White (Amsterdam, 2015)

Sziget Festival (Budapest, 2015)

Magnetic Music Festival (Prague, 2012) 

Boryeong Mud Festival (Korea, 2014)

Bonnaroo Music Festival (Tennessee, 2011)

ULTRA Music Festival (Korea, 2014)

Global Gathering (Korea, 2014)

Summer Set (Wisconsin, 2013)

EDC (Chicago, 2013)

Drew Binsky

A graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Drew Binsky has visited 190+ Countries since 2012.He first caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Prague, then taught English in Korea, and now he's on a mission to visit every country on earth.Follow his journey on YouTube & Instagram @drewbinsky 🙂

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