I have many ongoing person accomplishments that I do as I travel around the world.  I don’t know how each of these came about… some are lifelong hobbies, and others I just started doing one day and haven’t stopped.  I also collect many things when I travel — such as city maps, currency, coasters, plane tickets, flags, small souvenirs… but that’s for another story.

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1. Eating McDonald’s (57+ Countries & counting)

2. Playing Golf (19+ Countries & counting)

3. Visiting UNESCO sites (108+ Sites & counting)

4. Bungee Jumping (5+ Countries & counting)

5. Doing Handstands (57+ Countries & counting)

6. Eating Bizarre Foods (14+ Bizarre Foods & counting)

7. New Wonders of the World (6 Wonders & counting)

8. Scuba Diving (28+ dives & counting)

9. Music Festivals (11+ Festivals & counting)

10. Setting Guinness World Records (2 Records and counting)

Lastly, here are some funny & hilarious travel stories, and you can learn more about me on these random facts.