In August 2015, I spent 5 days back in one of my favorite cities in Europe – Budapest!  I attended Sziget Music Festival, which I had only heard about a week before going, and it was one of the most insane weekends of my life. I have been back twice since that as well.

You can watch the highlights of my trips on videos and Snapchat (below).

BUDAPEST Has the Coolest Bar in the World!

You won't believe this BAR in BUDAPEST until you watch this video!!

It's called Szimpla Kert — it's one of the many "ruin bars" in Budapest, and it's my personal favorite bar in the world… This is my 3rd time back in Budapest, and every time I am here, I've spent at least 2 nights at Szimpla.

Ruin Bars are basically giant underground bars (caves), with tons of random rooms, that were built inside of destroyed warehouses from WWII. It's too hard to describe them further in words… Just watch this video.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO BUDAPEST? Nightlife aside, this city is truly magical.

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Music: Kevin LacLeod

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