The best way to follow my travels is on Snapchat (@drewbinsky).  I treat my Snapchat like daily Vlog, where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at my travels and witness unique cultures, people and food.  I am currently getting about 20K views per snap from people all around the world.

Click on a country below to watch the highlights on Snapchat (or click a link below the map):

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Snap Stories Around World

Choose a country below:

North America: CanadaUnited States

Caribbean: Barbados, Dominica, GrenadaSt. Lucia, St. Vincent,
Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba

South/Central America: BoliviaBrazil, Colombia, GuyanaPeru,
Suriname, GuatemalaEl Salvador

Europe: Albania, Amsterdam, BelarusBelgiumBulgaria, Czech RepublicGermanyHungaryIceland, IrelandLatviaLiechtenstein,
Lithuania, LuxembourgMacedonia, MaltaMoldova, MonacoRomania,
RussiaSan MarinoSerbia, SloveniaUkraine, United Kingdom

Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan China, GeorgiaHong KongIndia, Indonesia,
Japan, KazakhstanLaos, Macau, Malaysia, North KoreaPhilippines,
RussiaSingapore, South Korea, TaiwanThailandTurkeyVietnam

Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar

Oceania + Aus + NZ: AustraliaNew ZealandFijiVanuatu

Africa: Egypt, Tunisia

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Too lazy to watch all my stories?

No problem — I’ve compiled all my top moments on Snapchat from 80+ countries into this 1 Minute Highlight Reel:

I encourage you to snap me anytime with travel questions, advice, or just to say hello.  Even though I receive about 100+ snaps everyday, I try to respond to every one! 

Snapchat in the Press

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