Some of you may already know the importance of using travel insurance (which I’ve talked about before), while others may not.    Having travel insurance (whether you are a first-time traveler or highly experienced) should be the first thing you do before considering a trip – before booking a flight, before looking at hotels and before planning activities.   It’s essential to have to protect yourself from any potential illnesses, severe problems or medical emergencies while away from home… because if you don’t, then you could end up with a a nasty bill that may take a lifetime to pay off.

From the beginning of 2017, I’ve been using Allianz Travel Insurance and I’ve been very pleased with their excellent coverage and customer service.     If you don’t have travel insurance yet, or are considering an upgrade, then I recommend checking out Allianz’s plans to find one that is suitable for your upcoming trip(s).

Earlier this week, Allianz updated their new insurance app, called TravelSmart. It’s a great, simple-to-use app that will make your life safer and easier while on the road, and with this new renovation, it’s a must-have for any trip.

I’ve been playing around with the updated app for the last few days, and I must admit that I’m thoroughly impressed with this makeover.   Things a lot easier to navigate, while being able to access your insurance plan in the palm of your hands.

Here are some of my favorite features on the new Travel Smart app:

File a claim with the click of a button – It’s never been more convenient to file a claim while on the road.  You don’t even need to pick up a phone, all you need is a wifi (or 3G) signal to load the Travel  Smart app and then it takes a few minutes to file the claim.

Get 24/7 Support – You are now able to get support at any time from any location.  Whether it’s an emergency, or you have a question about your bill – it’s all done via the app in minutes.  You never know if you’ll need help in the middle of the night somewhere, and it’s reassuring to know that Allianz is always available!

Real-time flight updates – Simply plug in your flight and you’ll have immediate access (and live updates) regarding gate changes, delays, and any departure information.  This will save you both time and stress on travel days.

Finding Nearby Medical Facilities –  Should any accident occur in a foreign country, you will need to know where to go, or who to call for an emergency situation.  The app contains phone numbers for all police, ambulance and fire departments all over the world.   The app’s hospital search enables you to find reliable facilities as well.

I hope you make the right move to get Allianz Travel insurance for your upcoming trips and use the Travel Smart App.  You can download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Disclaimer: I work with Allianz and receive financial compensation from them.  That being said, this post was written by me and all opinions are mine.

Drew Binsky

A graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Drew Binsky has visited 190+ Countries since 2012.He first caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Prague, then taught English in Korea, and now he's on a mission to visit every country on earth.Follow his journey on YouTube & Instagram @drewbinsky 🙂

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