In early 2017, I picked up my first video camera and little did I know, that would change my life forever.  I quickly transitioned from earning full-time income on blogging/Snapchat to Facebook videos.  Since January 2017, I have made 250+ videos on my Facebook page, with a total of 87.5M views, 2.2M shares, 1.8M likes and I grew my audience from 2K to 470K.   I also post occasionally on my YouTube channel, but I am more focused on FB as the travel community there is much more engaging.

Below, you can watch some of my most viewed videos, followed by a map of my videos & raw Snapchat stories across 130 countries.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss any video collaboration opportunities, and if you’d like to stay updated on my daily videos, head over to my FB page!

Most Viewed Videos:


Click on a country below and see my videos or snap/insta stories from that specific country.   The map is color coded: BLUE means Video, RED means Snap/Insta story, and GREEN is both Video & Snap/Insta story.

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Snap Stories Around World