When many people hear the word Syria, especially Americans, they cringe. They think negative thoughts. They think about war, turmoil and poverty.

I know that the country has gone through rough times since 2011, but the worst of those days are over, and the country has been rebuilding at a tremendously fast rate. And that’s why I am really excited to have the opportunity to visit while it still has a negative stereotype.

You see, Syria has some of the oldest history in the world. I’ve seen the documentaries, I’ve seen the photos and I’ve heard from my friends that have been there that this country is absolutely amazing.

As of today, I have been to 169 countries and I have just 28 left to complete my goal of visiting every country in the world. Syria is #1 on this list. I know that the people, the culture, the food, and the hospitality will be some of the best that I’ve ever received — not to mention all of the historical sites. I want to want through the bustling markets of Damascus and hear about the history of Aleppo.

Most importantly, when I do visit Syria, I plan to make the best videos there to break all of the negative stereotypes that this country has received over the last 8 years. I am not denying that it has been a very unstable and unsafe country to visit, but now, things have moved on. And if I can somehow get the visa, I will go there and show to the world the beautiful things about Syria.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that when I was in Lebanon about 8 months ago, I went all the way to near the Syrian border to meet with refugees. I was able to sit down with them, hear their stories, and I realized that every single of them are humble, kind, and friendly. This was my first experience to interact with Syrian people and it was one that I’ll never forget. I hope to get the chance to meet with them face to face someday soon!

The Syrian Refugee Crisis of Lebanon

Did you know that 1.5 MILLION Syrian refugees have settled in Lebanon since 2011? That's equivalent to 125 million refugees flooding into the United States over the last 7 years. Syria's civil war has resulted in a horrible situation for its innocent people, but it's remarkable to see how Lebanon has opened their arms beyond their means to host them.Today, my friend Georgio and I contacted an NGO (The Humanitarian Foundation for Social Welfare & Education), who escorted us to a refugee camp with about 100 families living inside. I sat down with several families to hear their life stories and see how they have been impacted by the war. I was so nervous before going in because I had never interacted with a Syrian or a refugee before, but I quickly found my comfort zone when I realized they are all people like you and me. They were all so friendly — insisting that we stay in their houses longer for tea and coffee and enjoying our time spent together. It was a very touching and emotional day for me, and I sincerely hope that these people get to return home soon. If you'd like to donate for their food, health and life (anything will help) — please do so on the following link πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ύβ€οΈπŸ‡±πŸ‡§ –> https://bit.ly/2NqayoY. Thanks for watching, and please share your thoughts and comments below.Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos. Instagram: @drewbinsky Music: Epidemic Sound

Posted by Drew Binsky on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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  1. Sir im bilal from sri lanka , i really want to help these children of srya, what can i doπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😭

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